questionsare you tired of all these questions starting…


Yo dawg, I herd you was tired of seeing "are you tired" questions, so I asked a "are you tired" question about "are you tired" questions so you can rage while you rage.


Tired? Ummmmm Well, maybe I'm just a bit weary. But then that would mean I'm probably weary of this question. And then I have to question why in the world I answered it. ::Puzzled, tired & wearisome look::


It's up to 3 of the top 4. And as the first to post one today, I stand with my head held high. But I am tired. yawn


are you tired people complaining about "are you tired of" questions?if so, post your comment on my "are you tired of people asking if you're tired of all the questions starting with "are you tired of" questions?"


@w00tgurl: that kinda hurt my brain a little bit. Thanks for the good laugh though :3


@cowboydann: I just finished a can of four loko.. Forgive me!


@w00tgurl: Oh good I had recently poured myself a glass of wine, Glad to see I'm not drinking alone tonight. I don't know if I can forgive you for drinking four loko though... Just kidding. I still can't stand the stuff personally but I don't judge you for drinking it :P


@cowboydann: I'm such a try-er. Finally cracked open the fruit punch flavor :-) got some chocolate wine I bought at a local wine fest I'm working up the nerve for, still, after over a year of buying it lol


@w00tgurl: You need to break open that chocolate wine, I've had 2 or 3 kinds so far, most of the time its delicious.