questionswhat's your take on max payne 3?


I never played the first two, but I was a little interested because I love Rockstar games. Does it play anything like GTA or Red Dead Redemption?


@samstag: It plays better, IMO. The game is story driven, so no free roam/sandbox to play in, but the levels are massive and very detailed and destructive.
The mechanics of the game work and play very well. The shooting feels very realistic, and depending on the weapons your are carrying, Max will carry himself differently. Say you have your shotgun but want to shoot your handgun. No problem, Max just holds the shotgun to his side while you fight. Want to switch to duel wield while carrying the shotgun? Max will drop the shotgun and pull out his second weapon. No GTA, 100 guns on my back style carrying here. 2 handguns and 1 main weapon.


Sorry, but I'm in the "don't care" category. I hope you continue to enjoy your game though!