questionswhich retailers are giving bonus gift cards this…


Most restaurants do this...
ProTip: If you are planning to eat at the restaurant that day (whether or not you plan on buying a gift card), buy a gift card for what you think you will spend. You'll receive the, say, $25 gift card plus the $5 bonus card to use in January of next year. At time of payment (after eating) pay with the gift card you just bought earlier.


I saw a sign at White Castle saying they are giving out the $5 bonus card.


McAlister's Deli, Sonny's Barbecue, Outback Steakhouse, Ruby Tuesday are all giving a free gift card with the purchase of a gift card. You get about 20% in bonus cards.


Check Target's sales papers. They're usually pretty good about this year-round, but really go crazy in December. Also, I was walking through Walmart and saw a sign that said you'd get a $100 gift card with the purchase of a smartphone. I'm not really looking for a smartphone, so I didn't read the fine print, but that's a pretty solid deal if you need one.


Arbys used to give a card for a free value meal(any sandwich, med drink and med fries(or potato cakes)) with a $20(or maybe $25) gift card purchase but this year they are only giving out a free peppermint shake(ew!) with a $10 gift card. Guess I won't be purchasing any Arbys gift cards this year :(
Culvers(midwest hamburger/ice cream shop) is giving a card for any value basket good now through the end of Feb. when you purchase a $25 gift card, I plan on purchasing quite a few as we really like Culvers!


Steak & Shake always does a "Buy $20 and get $5". AND they don't limit the time to use the second card, so you can actually use both for your meal that day if you'd like. We always take advantage of the deal a couple times throughout the season.


Darn, hardly any of those places are here.

Just for fun, here's my version of the "pro" use of a bonus gift card: Regular movie goer:

$8.50 movie ticket+$5.25 large soda+$5.75 large popcorn= $19.50

D.W movie goer: $4.50 Early Bird matinee, $3.00 large drink (44oz plastic Cinemark cup w/$3 refills for one year), $1 for large popcorn (Cinemark Email coupon, free small popcorn with purchase of any fountain drink, $1 to upgrade to large), purchase $25 Cinemark gift card and get $5 gift result:

$4.50 movie ticket+$3 large soda+$1 large popcorn-$5 free gift certificate= $3.50


@moondrake: You are my DW Cinema-Loving Hero!