questionshow to make a popular woot?


A woot would be something you buy from the Woot company. Since you're on the deals.woot site you're looking at 3rd party merchandise sold by companies other than Woot.

It's easy to make a deal go popular. Just post the link to a product that has an awesome price from a reputable site and include a good description and the price in the title.

The deals community will look at the deal you posted and if they agree that it is as awesome as you think, they will vote for the deal and it will become popular.

If your deal does not become popular, that's because few people thought it was a good deal.

If your deal gets deleted or a lot of downvotes, you probably posted something against the rules such as a link to counterfeit products, a banned site, or something else. Read the unofficial faq's here

The official faqs are here:


@cengland0: oh,i think you are right, thank u very muchl.