questionsshould i get a kindle touch or a nook touch?


I just upgraded from the first Nook to the touch Nook and am still very much in love with my Nook. The extended battery life made the sale a slam dunk for me. I like the look and feel better and the customer support is fantastic. For $139 you really can't go wrong.


First, the Kindle Touch does not come out until November 21st, so if your birthday is sooner, your decision might be made for you.

If that's not an issue and you have patience, I'd wait for some of the early reviews of the Kindle Touch before making your decision. Some of my thoughts though:

- Kindle is cheaper
- The Nook SD slot is kind of useless, since it doesn't play/store music or video. Both hold 1000+ books internally.
- The Kindle 3G option is mostly useless. It adds $50 to the price, and given most hotels and households have wifi you shouldn't lack for a connection. And it can't be used for browsing :(
- The tactile buttons on the Nook are the biggest bonus. Tough to judge the Kindle yet, but often touchscreen readers have some annoying quirks when trying to turn the page. We'll see.
- No audiobook options on Nook, yes on Kindle.

Honestly can't go wrong either way. But I'd say the Nook slightly (due to the buttons) if price isn't an issue.


@novastarj: You can listen to audiobooks in the correct format on the Nook. It plays MP3s. I have some I downloaded from and I can also borrow some library audiobooks if they're MP3s.

BTW, currently that's a plus on the Nook side: being able to borrow online library books, since Kindle doesn't support the epub format (last I heard). That support may be coming though.

ETA: I totally missed that you said your library lends to both. Oops!


@msklzannie: Are you sure you're talking about the Nook Touch? I don't own it, but every review I read said there is no audio capabilities or even a headphone jack. I know all other models of Nook do have this capability... just not the Touch as far as I know.


@novastarj: Ah, you are correct. I knew my nook (1st edition) supported mp3s and figured the Simple Touch did as well. My bad. (That should teach me to check things out first.)



@novastarj: My birthday isn't until after Thanksgiving, so I've got time. I think the audiobook option might be what pushes me to the Kindle. I don't like the buttons on the Nook: they just don't feel right and you can't actually do much to customize them.

What bothers me about the Kindle's 3G browser is Amazon has unlimited browsing on the keyboard version and will continue to but not on the touch. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

I've got an Android I can tether, so I guess I always have WiFi with me.


@liss: The decision not to put in audiobooks (or, alternatively, the decision to put in an SD card slot) is one of the more curious design decisions in the Nook Touch.

Since the device only stores books, and can store 1000+ of them internally, there's really no need for any expansion. Allowing audiobooks would cause memory expansion to make more sense, since they can take up a lot more memory.

As of now, sure you can put in a 32gb SD card, but do you really need 50,000 more books at your fingertips? It seems like they should have kept the slot off this version, and saved everyone ~$10 in price.

And the decision not to allow 3G browsing on the Touch makes sense, sadly. Since browsing on their is expected to be a pretty smooth experience, Amazon doesn't want to pay for the extra data usage. Whereas browsing on the Kindle Keyboard mostly sucks so much that people don't really use it much anyway.


@novastarj: I'm just trying to decide if I should spring for the 3G. It would be nice to keep books in the "cloud" and be able to download them without wifi. My uncle has the wifi only Kindle, and he unexpectedly was in a hospital for a long time with no wifi. I had to come tether for him to download books. Sure, it's not likely to happen, but...


@liss: ...but you have a phone with 3G so you can tether easily anyway.

I'd say save yourself (or whoever buys it for your birthday) $50 bucks.


@novastarj: Actually, I have a 4G phone, so it would be faster. ;)


I like my Nook Touch, but it is for reading only. Disapointed that with the easier to navigate touch screen, they took out the ability to navigate the internet. The touch screen has locked up a couple times, and unless you turn off the wi-fi the battery will run down quickly. Pros, small, page turns on a tap, this can also be a pain as a very light touch can turn the page on you.