questionswhat happened to all the fresh questions?


There haven't been "hundreds" of fresh questions in quite a while; it looks as if there's a time-limit on them, once again.

And virtually no traffic over the holiday.

Edit: It's even weirder than I thought: there are 358 pages of popular questions, going back four years. Evidently, "fresh" means something different than it used to mean,


How are we supposed to keep our rep high by replying to questions if there aren't any to answer??


@dealseekerdude: You can also keep your rep up by asking new questions...


Fresh is back to its normal behavior, before all the crazy crazy stuff, when it was first set up, The rules on how long a question stayed on Fresh before falling off varied, but there was always a time limit. This is the same as the Deals side, where Fresh deals become invisible in 24 hours. This is a guess on my part, since it's been quite some time since I cared about that side.

It looks like, currently, the number of questions on the Fresh tab is for 7 days. They'd experimented with multiple lengths, even using the 24 hour window that is on Deals for a time, but this is what's been true for quite some time. The thing is, almost any question that gets asked, no matter how inane or casual, ends up moving to Popular. I think that they may no longer care, or perhaps they're looking at it, and it's not high on the priority list.

You must temper my comments with the fact that I still need more coffee.

I may be back in a bit...


Too late. I'm back right now.

There's been a severe drop off in traffic. In addition, I haven't seen many of the crazy questions in bad English about random nonsense from people who just made an account today, and have no activity, now, or in the future, in quite a while. The bar for a question to become Popular needs to be changed, but then, there's such a long list of "needs to be changed" that I doubt I'd be able to list them all here, not even in 10 comments.

Okay, back on point. When a question with MASSIVE downvotes moved to Popular, I knew it was busted.

I was staggered when I saw that it had. The activity on that question, and the lack of activity on others, was apparently enough to trigger the move. I wonder if the intent is to just leave the place understaffed, or if there's a genuine move to bring on more developers.



@shrdlu: But to go from fresh to popular doesn't have as much to do with the number of up-votes as it does the number of comments and other activity the deals and questions have (such as views).

Additionally, you can have a deal or question with several upvotes that never make it to popular but one that has just a few makes it popular. That happens because part of the formula is how fast those upvotes occurred after the deal or question was initially posted.


@cengland0: Okay, back with more coffee.

Over time, I've written hundreds of comments on precisely how things work here (from the status of an interested observer, only). They've gone back and forth on how to make things popular, or not popular, even using tags to slow some things down. You want to keep a question from moving over? Tag it with #meta or #chat. Those still seem to be in force.

At one time, there were staff actively tagging (or retagging) questions in order to have them conform to some guideline, but now, I think it's just happenstance. I don't see that there are any NEW people monitoring here, and the ones that are left are spread VERY thin. My heart goes out to them.

I may be back to this. It's an interesting can of worms, kettle of fish, that kind of thing.


@olperfesser: Like the Barenaked Ladies sing "It's all been done before"


To many answers and upvotes made the fresh questions popular thereby making them endangered.