questionsanyone own a kodak printer?


Nearly every ink jet printer goes through a lot of ink. The ink is usually very expensive but you have a couple options.

1. Buy a laser printer instead. The price per page is much cheaper but the printer costs more up-front.
2. Refill your ink cartridges will 3rd party ink. This is a cheap alternative but the ink may not be as good as the OEM. 3rd party ink may fade in time and might be a slightly different shade than the orginal.

Believe it or not, many ink jet printer manufacturers sell their printers below their manufacturing costs. They do this expecting to make money off the ink later. Several copy protection techniques have been implemented to prevent other companies from producing compatible ink cartridges such as embedding a microchip into the cartridge itself.


We had a Kodak for a while. Ink was cheap, but the printer died after maybe a year or so. It did a decent job printing while it lived.
I wish it had lived longer. I could respect paying more (but not a ton more) for the printer up front, and having reasonable ink prices later. I wish that was the way the industry went, even though I bought a Canon on the cheap and feed it 3rd-party ink.


My Lexmark X5410 does a great job, maybe you just got a lemon? Ink jet printers do use a lot of ink but Lexmark has a pretty cool rewards program. Buy 5, get one free and return 5 used cartridges, get one free. If interested:


I used to refill cartridges when I had inkjets. A few people who needed to print color have bought new printers (with ink included) for less than the cost of replacement ink.

If you can live with black/white, go with a laser. They can sit for months and the toner doesn't go bad.