questionsanybody else trying to work on their own annoying…


As many people probably are as well, I'm trying to stop cracking my knuckles. I can catch myself sometimes, but its become so second nature, that it almost feels like a lost cause.


Yes, some for years. And once one bad habit has been (mostly) eradicated, there are plenty of others to deal with.

It's part of trying to not be a self-centered, inconsiderate boor. Though I'm mostly referring to things a bit more offensive than not knowing how to pronounce "Eh?" ;)


I have stopped saying "Uh" when speaking publicly. It makes everything I say sound a lot more deliberate and thought out.

I hate it when people say, "I was like, you better not come into my lane" "I was like, I'm not going to eat that broccoli" sound's so juvenile but I'm hearing it more and more.

Lastly, when someone agrees with you by saying "I was gonna say." It makes my head explode.


I am trying to stop saying "like" so much. I don't think I'm as bad as a valley-girl style, but I still say it too frequently when describing things and I feel like a moron when I notice it. I usually only say it a lot when I'm chit-chatting and not in professional meetings, but it's still a little out of control. Any tips to stop would be much appreciated!


Calling everyone "man" or "dude" - but I can't stop myself, like, you know what I mean, man?