questionsdoes anyone read all 10 write ups any…


Does anyone read any of them? Just kidding--uh, maybe not.


I'm with @barnabee. I read ZERO of them. I can't see why I should bother clicking through, when they can't be bothered to supply the simple details on what it is they're trying to sell.

After seeing @bsmith1's comment, I'm not sure that it really matters much anyway.

I have no idea where that link came from, but it makes me sad to see it. I don't even understand what it's supposed to mean. :-(

[I also love the tag, which I fear will vanish, like morning dew. "chat_plus" is inspired.]


I dont read any of them.. I used to read them when it was just


I always just thought that was Woot's storefront on Amazon.

edit: much like the Zappos one:


Not me. There is just too much to read.

I haven't bought anything from Woot in a while either. I'm addicted enough to Woot that I still check every page, every day. What happened to the really good deals?

I do still buy stuff in the Community Sourced Deals.


@shrdlu: See chris12345's comment. That's not for reals the new woot site. Only a place they also sell stuff. What's funny is sometimes and the amazon woot storefront have the same item at different prices! Silly woot! I have amazon prime, so it's also interesting to see the shipping price difference in the two places.
Edit: looks like free shipping w/o prime, nevermind
Double edit: To answer this question. No, I hardly ever read them anymore. Too many pages and too many clicks to get to.


I don't read the write-ups at all except in the increasingly unlikely instance when I see an item that might interest me further. That's, oh, once every five or six months.

@barnabee and @shrdlu: Um, is that legit? It looks legit, but it would obviously mean the end of Woot as we know it, and probably deals.woot and AtC.


@shrdlu: I've been watching tags lately. Even the fairly weird ones have stuck.


@magic cave: What happens on the tab bar when they run out of space because of addition after addition of more and more Woot sites? Have you ever noticed that Deals.woot is at the tail end of the line? Maybe no more space means no more Deals.

I'm not saying that this is going to happen, it's just that we are treated like the "red-headed step child" and we are pretty much ignored (unless we say something THEY don't like). It makes me wonder if our days, here, are numbered.


I try to as a fellow writer. I want to see what people are doing and writing and they give me a good chuckle.


Nope, I don't read nor look at all of the categories anymore.


@barnabee: That's pretty much my fear as well.


Nope! Like others, if I can't read the thing when I visit the site's homepage, its presentation is ruined and I get distracted and leave.


No, I don't have time or interest. I barely read it when there was just woot.


No. My eyes would cross. Plus they lost something. Not a dig to the writers. A dig to the format.
I stopped reading a lot of them when it changed formats back when, and the great write up for the one deal wasn't on the home page. It was so much nicer all of it on that one page. sigh.
It was too messy and too mixed, and not as funny anymore.

I put my cursor over the headers and see if there is anything remotely interesting and if not -- which is usually the case-- I head over here. The plus deals names used to be more mysterious, so there was a bit of a reason to click and see what they considered to be included in some whacky category title. You can pretty much tell what it is without looking now. ho hum.


The writing is actually what first interested me in Woot! Not the prices or deals, though some were fantastic. But as time has gone on, the calibre of it has dropped DRASTICALLY. Once they started adding a dozen new sites and then more... and then more, they clearly farmed it out to a larger team instead of a single or couple of writers. And it really stopped being any good. It seemed rushed and hackneyed, and less creative overall.

I haven't read a SINGLE writeup in so long. I don't consider Woot to be special anymore. It's like checking Amazon's current coupon deals. A mish-mash of half-hearted bargains that aren't particularly good and have no theme or idea behind them. Whatever the dealer wants to sell at whatever discount he wants to give (which is still well within the markup margin). There are no more closeouts of merchandise that people just need to move. The whole model has changed, and with it, the deals have become lackluster. The terrible writing can't save it anymore.


Well at least I am not the only one.
I am not saying they are bad. I like them, but it seems like reading 10 a day may get anyone jaded on the quality. If I had pizza 10 times a day, I am sure I would get sick of it, perhaps after a few weeks : /


I don't read them at all anymore. Haven't for a long time. Too many and not as good as they used to be. Many of them used to be funny enough to forward to non-wooters for a laugh. Now they are soap operas. Good TV shows do the same thing. They get you hooked, and then go south, but you still watch because you're invested, not because you're interested. Too many running plot lines. Episodes don't stand on their own anymore, and you can't mss one or you're lost.

Too much investment for me. Sad realization.


@eneref: Just for the record, we're pretty much the same writing team that was here from day one, with a few extra hires of serious talent. In our writer's room we've got people who have worked for The Onion, for McSweeny's, and taught improv in NYC, just off the top of my head. I am sorry you're not enjoying what we're doing and hope we'll win you back, but please don't think we're just farming it all out.


Woot has some really bizarre descriptions, sometimes it feels like they are writing about something completely different. For instance, I forget what the item was, flash drives maybe, and they had a story about badgers or something, and I literally couldn't see the correlation between the two and that's not the first time. For the most part though I see the links of the stories and item (huge weird stretches, but I see the link), but they never answer the questions I have about the product. If anything I lose interest in the product, because it doesn't give me specifics or details. When I first discovered Woot I literally checked it several times a day, but now I maybe pop in twice a year. Best way I can describe the write ups is like showing a crazy (or at least varying insanity) person on the bus a picture of the item and dictating what they rant about.