questionshow does a standard tv delivery work?


If you're not home when it is delivered be prepared for UPS to drop it off on your doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run like hell leaving your TV for everyone in the neighborhood to see in plain view. If you are home when UPS arrives, you'll hear the faintest of pecks on your front door (might sound similar to a mouse or large cockroach scratching) if you don't hear those pecks, you'll find a delivery attempt notice on your front door. They'll come back on a day when you're not home to do complete step 1.

Either way, when you receive your item you'll have the ability to inspect it all you want through woot's warranty period, or the manufacturer’s warranty period. If something isn't right within the warranty indicated by woot, contact woot customer service with your order number, and the issues you are having. You’ll be instructed on what to do from there.

Hope this helps.


The only thing I've received from Woot that required a signature was wine. Everything else just gets left on the front porch. I've never order a TV but I wouldn't be surprised if they just leave it on the doorstep (possibly in just the box for the TV so all your neighbors will see exactly what it is).


When I ordered a 42" LG TV a few months ago it was left at my doorstep. I opened it and found that the power button didn't work on the side of the TV (you can still turn it on with the remote) but everything else was fine. I am sure Woot would of taken it back if I wanted to box it back up and send it back but I did not want to go through that hassle. I kept it and am quite happy with it. I did not send in a support ticket to Woot because of the issue.