questionsback to school: what did you learn this week?


If you want a game to play, try these!
Caption This or Remember This
You can exercise your creative noodle by trying your hand at themed limericks or ROGETRAY's Empathy Game.
For the artistically inclined there's a thread for that courtesy of PemberDucky, and you can also compare school supply lists with ThunderThighs. Speaking of supplies, don't forget about the computer.

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Inky's trying to get students to eat and stay wine classy but ROGETRAY is attempting to get folks to shake the Freshman 15. They probably could have planned that better. Or maybe they did it deliberately? ThunderThighs is also into chatting about study spaces, and if you want specific recommendations on how to swank your dorm or small space, your mod squad is all up in that business.


Seriously, if that hasn't peaked your interest, there's even a new tag, back-to-school.

Educate yourself on the offerings available to you this week that you just can't buy! And if I missed anything, well, feel free to post a link with an obligatory graphic telling me I just got schooled.


I learned that I am 34 years old with two kids in elementary and school still smells the same way it did on the first day as it did when I was a kid. There's just something about all the new clothes, cleaned carpets, new supplies and a look on the teacher face that says "This year I'm not going to have a mental breakdown " that makes the first day of school feel different.

By the 3rd week reality sets in, your teacher doesn't bother to even put on makeup any longer, you've loaned out all 12 pencils you had on day 1, and your new shoes look to be about 4 years old thanks to sand and grass from recess.


That "the dog ate my homework" is no longer a valid excuse in the digital world.


I learned how to do the Triple Lindy. That dive is tough!


I was really "schooled" this week. I learned that Woot has made a lot of changes that I do not like. That's okay, I'm only one Wooter, in a very big pool and my opinions probably don't count.

And I also learned that some of the regular Wooters, those I look up to, are not very nice. Yes, I know this is the internetz, so I guess I have learned a very important lesson.


I learned not to believe everything I see here. Trust in the mods.