questionshow do i clip a coupon?


We need more info, but it's likely the deal is long gone. Can you provide the exact link, please? (I can't find it, but Google shows different responses to different individuals. I did see a five-month old deal site noting that Amazon had a $10 coupon, but Woot isn't Amazon.)

EDIT: I just checked and that item is not currently available on Woot.


EDIT again: I just discovered the historical search feature on wootstalker and learned there have been no Philips Norelco CC5060 hair clippers in the last 15,945 items sold on Woot.

I did find one here on the side, but it was posted on August 18, 2011 for a sale at Target; there's no mention of any coupon, though.


@magic cave: From my Google searching, it looks like did have this product for $25.99. Price was actually $35.99 and then you clip a $10 coupon to make the final price the $25.99 with free shipping. That was offered on September 20, 2013 and is no longer available.

I cannot find this product on at all today so I don't have the old URL and therefore cannot use the web archive wayback machine to view it.


@cengland0: Thanks for letting me know it was out there somewhere! was it a posting with a link to a coupon?


@cengland0: : : : laughing: : : That makes sense; I was looking only for a deal that was posted here. Which still brings us back to the OP's original assertion that s/he found a link to Woot... but I'm not going to put any more energy into this, especially since the OP (like so many that wander in the door with odd questions) hasn't been back.