questionsany storage space addicts?


haha I don't buy multiples and just hang onto them. The main reason I buy them is to upgrade my current SD card. Like I started with an 8 GB SD, then upgraded to 16 GB class 6, then had to get a class 10 for hd video, then realized i needed more space so got a 32 GB, then Amazon had the lightening deal for their SanDisk Ultra and I replaced my 32 GB class 10. I sold every SD card since, always coming out on top too.


I think I've had enough reddit for one week. I don't go on there a lot but I have to say I read this as space dicks the first time.

Warning: Do NOT go to spacedicks-(no seriously, don't go there)

Anyways, not for SD cards because I don't really have anything that uses SD that I would use, I do have about 15-20 flash drives and whenever I can find them for <90 cents a GB I'll usually pick one up just to add to the collection. I gotta say they're nice "to have"!


external hard drives for me... went from a total of 3 TB a year ago to nearly 15 TB today.