questionswhich brand of electric guitar for my grandson?


If you are looking for cheaper guitars....I suggest going with an LTD by ESP. They have models for less than $200 that still play good, and stay in tune fairly well. The other models you mentioned are just made cheap, and play crappy.


Yes I was looking for an in-expensive set up. The 2 that I was compairing are Squier Stop Dreaming, Start Playing Affinity Strat Electric Guitar Package

and the Maestro by Gibson - Single Cutaway Electric Guitar - Blue

I will check for the brand you suggested as I have not seen those yet. Sorry I know nothing about guitars.


I would agree with gtr4c05 that the 2 brands you are looking at are pretty low quality. You may also want to look at Ibanez. The have a couple of models for around $150. I've played Ibanez guitars for years and really like the feel and quality.


If he doesn't currently own an amp, cable, tuner, picks, etc, get a fender squier starter pack. Working in music retail, I can tell you it is the easiest way to go. They are cheap, reliable, easy, and fairly good guitars. They may not be the best, but for everything around $300, you can't beat the price and convenience. All you would need to buy separately is a stand.

Besides, we all know that kids these days may pick it up for a few months, and forget about it. If he sticks with it, he's earned himself a better, more expensive guitar. If you want to get more involved, take @gtr4co5 's advice, but just because it is an LTD, doesn't mean it will play any better than a squire. Cheaper guitars are all made in China. And you would have to go to a local music retailer and listen to how they would sound, and buy all the accessories, and worry about a salesperson selling you something you dont need. I would steer clear of meastro or any brand sold almost exclusively at target and walmart.


Personally, I don't care for Squier. The first guitar I ever had was a Squier, and it was so badly made and hard to play that it almost turned me off of guitars forever. Luckily, I found a deal on an Ibanez shortly after.

Dean has a nice starter package available and while I've never played one, I've heard and read good things about them:

Speaking of Ibanez, here's a very nice package deal that includes headphones which are a MUST for an aspiring, practicing guitarist, just to keep the other people in the house sane:

Finally, I'd suggest this Epiphone Special II package, which is the most basic but probably has the best guitar out of the bunch:


Thank you so much everyone. Yes he would need everything to start. I didn't think about headphones so thank you for that wonderful suggestion! Now I have lots of choices, but know more what to look for now. Thanks everyone!


If you don't mind going with a brand that isnt as well known I would recommend rondomusic They have some really great guitars for the value, I have owned 10 guitars from them and have been happy with everyone of them. I actually work at a music store and I am familiar with the maestro and the affinity strat and the quality is horrible. Honestly its better if you buy everything separately,guitar,amp,tuner, etc just because you will get alot better quality of gear then when it is a packaged deal. also if you want to stick with something name brand check out the squier classic vibes, best buy has one for 223 right now which is a pretty good deal