questionshave you seen the new totes on shirt.woot?


I always seem to be able to break zippers on totes so I actually prefer them without. Because I don't have enough self-control to not use the zipper I know I'm going to break.


Product appears to be an Augusta Sportswear #611. Unsure where these are made in, but it's the same manufacturer of the shirt.woot apron blanks.


To whomever was the mod who changed the tags - totes are NOT tshirts!

What - are these bags going to have a woot tag that say "not for use as shirts." now too?

(Summoning @pemberducky or @gatzsby, the daytime mods. Unless that schedule has changed. In any case, feel free to delete this post after fixing it.)


These are especially good if you stick a piece of heavy-duty cardboard into the tote to make a solid bottom. I'm not especially thrilled with the design choices, though; perhaps some others will show up that I like better.


@magic cave: Good tip!! I agree about the designs, not sure if I want one of these or if I want to risk waiting for others.


Saw them....but passing on the buy.


The smaller size was good for trick-or-treat bags or small trips to the library, and didn't need a zipper. Not sure if I'd like a zipper on this style of tote. I would like to see a picture of a real one versus just the drawing.