questionsare all micro sd memory card brands the same?


No, they are not the same.

Some companies are more expensive than others -- you get what you pay for. As for me, I wouldn't want to invest 50 cents on a cheap memory card to find out I lost all my data.

Different companies offer different warranties.

Be cautious out there. Just because it has a name brand on it, 95% or more are counterfeit products -- especially if you buy them from overseas.

Here's an article from eBay that explains some of the Fake products out there:


I wouldn't buy a no-brand one. If you buy from a good source or the like you shouldn't have any issues. I would not buy from eBay unless it's from a "real" seller (Like Buy's eBay store).

As for quality they are all about the same, I think they might even use the same guts. I would go to newegg and sort by reviews and that will give you a general idea of who is good and who is crap.


Like the posts above, beware of fakes. Not only are they very unreliable, but alot of them are much smaller capacity than advertised. It's pretty common to find fake 32GB SanDisk (and other name brand cards) that only hold 2 or 4 GB.

I don't know how its done, but they format a small card in a way that it reports it self as a much larger card. When you look at it in your computer it will show as a 32GB card, but it is impossible to fit that much data on it.


What about a no name cell Auto phone charger? Buying from Verizon is very costly.