questionswhat is the best high-quality popcorn?


Fireworks popcorn is amazing.. I highly recommend it


@iggz: I've tried kettlecorn before. Popcorn Indiana brand to be exact. That stuff is like crack. I don't get it because I know I'd totally eat the whole bag in a day instead of eating real food!

I've tried my hand at making it at home and it comes out pretty well (just don't experiment and use agave, or burns into a disgusting mess, kettlecorn needs real sugar!)

That fireworks popcorn looks REALLY interesting though. I'm kinda itching on buying a samplet pack just to try it out.


@tiamat114: I'm going to watch this thread with interest. I caved and bought the popcorn maker woot was selling a few weeks ago. Just need to find all the good stuff. The following was recommended to me:
Paragon Coconut Popcorn Popping Oil
Wabash Valley Farms Butter Flavored Popcorn Topping
Flavacol Seasoning Popcorn Salt (told this was critical for movie theater flavor)
Paragon Bulk Bag Yellow Corn

I can find it all on Amazon, but it's in bulk sizes. Not that it's a bad thing except I love popcorn too much. WAY too much.


Try Baconsalt on your popcorn-everything should taste like bacon.


I swear I thought it said high quality Porn....


I just made a flavor discovery that makes popcorn just incredible. Instead of butter use a scant drizzle of macadamia nut oil, followed by the salty topping of your choice, presumably bacon salt. Terrific on corn on the cob too.


I tend to buy my popcorn at the grocery store or Costco, Orville Redenbacher or Jolly Time work well for me. I like the white corn because it has a bit of a firmer texture and crunch. If you're going to make popcorn balls, I'd stick with yellow corn though.

I also make my own kettle corn on the stove top, it's fairly easy, but also easy to burn and make a mess if you aren't paying attention. I also make a pretty good "Garrett"-like cheese popcorn using the Shelf Reliance Thrive powdered cheese blend with melted butter.

I know Garrett's doesn't use powdered cheese but for the life of me I cannot figure out how they make their cheese sauce. - Any thoughts on that would be appreciated!

There is a Garrett coupon code for free shipping until Jan 31 2012 posted on deals.woot if anyone is interested. Very expensive popcorn, but very very good!