questionscould the duplicate deal's votes move to theā€¦


we have asked, I think they are working on that.


That is so weird - I was just thinking about this question. It would be a great/fair thing to do.


I am a big fan of this idea.

Here's a discussion we had about it a while back:

In addition to merging votes, here's an additional idea from my post in that thread:

:.... Sometimes when there are dupes, one of the deals will contain NO description while the other contains helpful details and a personal recommendation of the item or vendor.

I've seen this happen and it always seems like a huge shame to see a well-crafted post deleted in favor of one with a complete dearth of information.

If the duplicate threads contain text in the description, would it be possible to roll up those later threads' OPs as replies to the first thread? That way we haven't lost helpful information. It might also help answer questions if user is trying to figure out what happened to their post."


Oh, and because she isn't here to post, this is an objection that @shrdlu raised:

"....please note that I often vote for a deal based on various particulars, and one of them is WHO posted it. I might vote for a thing when @hobbit posts it that I would never consider from someone else. I'm not the only one that does this, either."

My response would be that if someone you trust 'vouched' for the deal, then your votes should fairly be ported over to the member who posted the same deal first.

Also of note from that thread:

@shawnmiller said, "We can, and will in the future (once we've built the functionality), merge unique votes when duplicate items are being resolved. Thanks for the suggestion."