questionsanyone want to guess what my 100th purchase (and…


Considering there are currently over 600 items being sold on woot (really, there are), this will be hard; but I'll guess an adidas polo shirt?

edit a watch?


Bit Of Curosity I must admit... :)


@eraten: if it helps I made it on a plus sale on a newly launched woot site


since it is sold out now I can post without risking deletion...A Bag of Crap was up for sale on the designer fragrence sets for dad plus sale on the newly launched Accessories & Watches! site


I clicked on the thread just to see who was egotistical enough to think anybody cared what you bought or would be impressed.


I clicked on this thread just to see who it was that was actually egotistical enough to think anyone cared or would be impressed.


@donslin: When crapping on others, it is generally better not to do something stupid, like double post. That sense of superiority quickly disappears.


@donslin: Nice way to demonstrate your superiority at stupidity and egotism, I guess.