questionsare contests a "deal"?


No they are not, but that didn't stop me:

If it is funny or amusing, they could post it on this side, so the Fresh tab stays less cluttered.


@sgoman5674: @sgoman5674: Thank you for the links. I did do a search on the word "contest" before posting my question but didn't see any question with that word in it. Maybe they can have a seperate Contests tab? But then, there are a lot of websites like that already.


No. The purpose of a contest is to drive business to a web-site, and to obtain email addresses for future contact. It is in fact of little to no benefit to the person who clicks on the website, you have a better chance of catching bronchitis than winning. Better you should take the time to walk around daydreaming, thereby getting a little exercise and decreasing your chance of spam, and bronchitis.

Furthermore sharing it on deals lowers your minutia chance of winning because you have likely exponentially increased the entrants, thus lowering your scant odds.

Some online contests are illegal - like those that require a purchase to enter or require you to enter a lottery (purchase your chance). Online contests have to adhere to the federal laws concerning contests as well as the laws in all 50 States.

I agree (as usual) with catbert about posting that stuff here - for fun not a deal.


@mtrlgrl: There have also been questions about adding tabs for different things. Free and Stupid are two such suggestions. The @snapster has expressed the necessity for simplicity on the site and I agree with him.

While your idea has merit, I do not think that it will be implemented in the near future. Please note that all of our suggestions do go onto a list for being brought up in development meetings. Some of them are deemed worthwhile and some not.


a contest is almost like a free thing, like those sign up for free stuff, which you may or may not get. But the contest is just a lot more open about the fact that you may not get it. So I would say hold off, yea the groupon was funny and unique. If you think it is something we might be really interested in maybe posting it on this side just to discourage folks from posting MORE contests, and to keep it from being tattled on.