questionswhat kind of compound bow should i get, for a…


I would recommend a......wait for it..........simple compound!
J/K - prob. the best thing would be to go to an archery shop/range and get some recommendations from pros. You'll be able to try a few different models. Also try a REAL crossbow, not the crap ones they sell online for cheap e.g. BudK etc. There are a bunch of them that fold down to pack size.


The main thing I remember about the compound bows is to makes sure to get an appropriate pull/break weight. Too much, and you get a hernia pulling it, too little and you sacrifice power. But definitely talk to a professional.


I'm a little late on answering this but...

A few years back I had a Bear and my dad also had a Bear.
That's the only Brand name that comes to mind for me and they served us both well.

I'd imagine you could pick up a used one or an older model from a local shop for a decent deal.
New ones $$

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