questionsis there a way to save a search?


Yes... after you get the search the way you want, the url can be saved.

For example, this url is the one I use to find free Kindle books:


@baqui63: You are correct. Depending on the OS, you can then save it to your "favorites"


These work on one system but fail to work on multiple systems, correct?



The URL I posted and others like it will work from any system capable of reaching the deals.woot server(s) and displaying the results of the given search. These URLs are not dependant on any cookies or other local data from the computer that generated them. This is not true of all URLs but is true, to my knowledge, of all search URLs from deals.woot.

One small point though: if you just click on the URL (rather than copying the text of the URL and using the text), the actual URL you end up using is this:

(And the link for the URL in this post has had stuff added to it as well... and if it is copied and posted, the link for that URL will have stuff added to it and so on...)