questionsanyone order roomba batteries, not from irobot?


I was having a similar problem. The battery just wouldn't hold a charge. I ended up buying one off of eBay for much less. I was nervous, but it seems to have worked out fine. It's been a couple of years now and it is still running strong.

However, I don't run the Roomba very frequently. I'm not sure if that makes a difference or not.


@txdave13: Do you happen to recall the seller you purchased from? You say it's been a few years, so maybe not... but if you did then I can see if they are still selling and add it to my "list" in price comparisons.

I run mine on a schedule, M-W-F at noon. I bought my original Roomba in 8/09, from Woot, so I'd be happy with another 3 years of battery life.


I used Amazon to buy a battery and it worked out well. There are reviews that steer you away from certain 3rd party sellers. The 3rd party seller I used was very good and sent a quality product.

Avoid a mistake that I made. Initially, I ordered the wrong part because the listing was vague and I didn't realize the Roomba 400 series and 500 series uses a different battery. One listing just said "Roomba Battery" and nothing else. In hindsight, it was pretty foolish of me not to notice, but unless they have updated the listing, I could see others making the same mistake.


I also bought one from Amazon that worked out really well. I would avoid ordering fro iRobot since the 3rd party ones work just as well.


A few years ago I ordered one from It worked just as well as the iRobot one. I was unaware of the Amazon option and after seeing the above comments, I would look there first.


I wouldn't buy one from a retail store. My mothers Roomba battery wore out so she purchased one from sears. The new in box battery had a shorter life then the one she was replacing. Luckily she was able to return it without issue. I then ordered one from iRobot who were running a sale at the time pricing them in the area of 3rd party sellers. I would look to order them from a seller I figure is higher volume so you do not get stuck with a stale brand new battery.


Thanks folks. I see that, and are all about the same price, and all seem to boast a larger capacity battery. I'll flip a coin and pick one.


I bought one from from Ebay user valuebuybattery for $30, free shipping, and arrived fast. Have been using it since February and seems to work just fine.


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