questionsattn: omgitzkatie & cowboydann...ready?


I must apologize to omgitzkatie, as my daughter already got into the box (she's a stinker and KNEW what it was....that's the last time I let HER know!). I have most, if not all, of the items back together and will be photographing them and adding them to this thread later today with my gushing comments about how AWESOME everything was. My wife swears you must know me to have done such a good, personalized job! I am most impressed by the Jack necklace....NOBODY knows that my closest of friends know me by Jack as opposed to my actual name (Jacob).

cowboydann: WOW! I have not the words for that CoC. That's right, folks. Not a Bag or Box by any means, this cat sent a CRATE of so-called crap! OMG the picture is going to be overflowing, just like the CRATE. I haven't the words for the kindness (and patience) shown.

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I could ramble forever but will cut it short. A HUGE thanks to all my fellow WooT'ers, especially those two. You will be rewarded as your crap is on it's way! Thank you so very, very much for continuing to make 2013 the best year of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sniff, it's dusty in here, no really. Got a thing in my eye. :,)


Wow...and some people just exchange rings. ;-) Congratulations and wishes for a looooong, happy and healthy marriage! :-) Gotta go clean my glasses now...inky's dust just blew in.


Darn dust is swirling. Good job and congratulations. I hope that you have many happy, healthy years together.


I cannot thank you all enough for the well-wishes! We have never been happier and know we have such an amazing, bright future ahead! Thank you all so very much!


Just gonna tag @omgitzkatie and get her in here too.

I'm interested in the life saving story, :3 sounds like a real sweet one. Anyways, I told you I have a lot of crap to clear out, Don't really have the time or money to organize games anymore so you got a bulk of would-be prizes. Glad to hear you liked it! I'm really glad @studerc was able to give me someone close, I wouldn't have been able to ship out as much had it been someone in NY


@cowboydann: I sent a card with yours that has my e-mail addy on it. Hit me up, I will share the story with you. It's close and personal and doesn't belong out here in the net, but I can tell you're a fantastic person and would love to share our experience with you, if interested. Your box is more than ANYONE could ever ask for in a BoC. Seriously. Even Mom has staked claim to some of those awesome goodies. You most sincerely put the icing on the sweetest cake ever and cannot thank you enough!


@pstrnutbag44: you got yourself a deal, I eagerly await your BOC and heroic story of amazing feats and inspiring of awe. You'll have to tell me how you divide the crap too.


It's been raining for two consecutive weeks here, so none of Inky's dust could possibly be swirling here. Must be allergy.

Congratulations and best wishes!


@pstrnutbag44 Quadruple Congrats on the many times you have accomplished in this new years of yours! I too am interested in this life saving thing you have done! Glad you liked the necklace :) Yes it was a BoC :D

This merry BoC thing was sure fun. Maybe it'll become a new tradition :)


@omgitzkatie: Thank you very much!!!! I would be more than happy to share! I think studerc has my e-mail info, I just would rather not have my email there another way to get it to you??


@omgitzkatie: @cowboydann: I made it easy and PM'd the email addy to you both. Thank you both SO much!


@cowboydann: Cheesy love story sent! I'll send you the breakdown of who gets what far Mom has claimed the cute pig, the robo-mop and a few other things...I told her to wait until I claim some goodies!!!


Congratulations! And I'm happy to hear your both doing well now! Sounds like when I recieve a BoC from a fellow wootizen, my mom claims half of it before I can!!! At least she lets me open it, lol!~


We would like to thank all of you for your kind words. There is NO community like what the W00Tizens have here. Like a second family/home! We appreciate you all and your kind words so VERY much!!!


@baybei: That's what I get for sharing the awesomeness that is BoC with the fam! At least they let me open the second box.....THEN started claiming items! ;-)


Adding my congrats! Sounds like a it should be a movie from the tidbits here.


Awesome BoC from @omigitzkatie!

I cannot believe she sent me a Jack Skellington necklace, my FAVE!!!!!
TOO much awesome stuff, and the little origami stars are SO beautiful and sit on my desk as a reminder of the last month, for SO many reasons. THANK YOU!!!!



HUGE BoC from @cowboydann (2 pics!)

I can't even begin to list this's like a WooT-Off had a baby with a garage sale.....PERFECT!

Thank you SOOOO much!



@pstrnutbag44 Yay! Thanks for your BoC :D It's awesome. Love Betty Boop! :)
Amazing Haul! Heavy too! Omg!

I hope this works.

Thanks again! :)


@pstrnutbag44: Thanks a lot for the great BOC Peanutbuster The last two times i was at my parents house the battery died, I too have had a lot going on in my life but i'll try to post pictures here before the weeks end, it was a pretty great bag of crap :D


@cowboydann: Glad you liked it! Hope it brings a nice break to whatever is going on in real life for ya!