questionsdo you think there will ever be a sellout on all…


I think the odds are huge against it.


You've heard of that 12/21/2012 thing, right?


I bet they could orchestrate it but .... I think not likely as a natural occurance


CAN Shirtwoot sellout? Is it technically even possible?
They can print an infinite amount of with an infinite supply, a sellout seems unlikely. Unless the world runs out of cotton..

As for the others, sure. It's Woot.
It's what we do.


We're actually pretty close to seeing this happen today. The kids.woot, shirt.woot and sellout.woot are all sold out right now.

Come on, people! Start buying those Hexbug Raceways and make this happen!


We came close today too. Big Woot, wine.woot, kids.woot all sold out. Shirt came close, but not sure if it sold out too. Home.woot had a wrench, and I don't think it sold out.


@drchops: They do sell out, but I'm not sure the cutoff. Yesterday's sold 5794 and the button was bouncing.

November 17th had a sellout (Run Away! Run Away!), and they sold 8815.

November 12 I don't think was sold out ("Family Breakfast"), and they sold 9584 of that one. So I don't know what the "limit" is.

Maybe it depends on how many shirts they have in stock of that color.