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Tried to enter my code and kept receiving "Error on Page" message. Tried the most recent code that came in an email today for another promo and same thing. I was using IE as the browser, switched over to Safari, and the code worked! So it may be your browser.


Worked like a charm for me! I ordered online, stacked my Super Bowl freebie with some other discounts, fed 6 teenage boys AND had leftovers -- for less than $30.


Papa John is a tool - his commercials are creepy with all that head bobbing when he says "Better Pizza...".


@bigreddogatl: MAYBE you sleep order pizza, ate it all, and removed all evidence before the 29th! That sounds most plausible to me.... :D


Thanks for the replies everyone. I sent off a complaint form to Papa Johns last night and still haven't heard from them.

One thing is that living in Atlanta as I do, I have an endless variety of different places to buy a pizza. All the national chains as well as some terrific local shops. I don't have to do business with Papa Johns and as of this incident I won't anymore.

@katblue The expiration date on my code is not until March 4, 2012, so it should have still been good on 2/29.


I just used mine on Monday night as well without a problem... bummer dude, got some pizza blue balls


Used mine, ate pizza, smiled.


Yes. I got my code and it worked, but Papa John's pizza sauce still sucks and has no reheat value IMO. Think they need the Dominos makeover. If I had another code I'd gladly give it to you.


My sister used mine last night and had no problem. Sorry yours didn't work :(


The code has an expiration date--two weeks from the day you receive it, I think. When did you get yours?

Edit: It should tell you the expiration date in your email.


Sorry. I figured that something like this would happen; it was a very ambitious promotion. I'd write a polite but firm e-mail to customer service and see what happens.

I got a promo code in my e-mail and used it without a problem. Normally, I don't order from Papa John's at all; I'm not the biggest fan of their pizza.


Sorry to hear that. I just remembered that the code is expiring soon and used mine last week.


I got mine last week. I ordered ahead online and had no problems. That stinks you had probelms with it.


I didn't have any problem redeeming my code Monday night.


That sucks. Sorry to hear.
I redeemed mine this past Sunday. Had to pay the $2.00 delivery fee, but what the hell. A large and a 2 liter for $5 (I tipped him). You can't beat that.


Oh and I've heard that this giveaway was suppose to be a million pizza giveaway. Not, as advertised, each reward member gets a pizza and coke. So sounds like they've reached their one million limit.


I got boned too. I got no email and the link that was floating around to get your own code didn't work for me either. Turns out though I had an online account with them and had ordered many times, I wasn't a "rewards member." Which took a single button click in my account to become.