questionswhich gps should i get?


No, I have not had sex with any type of GPS unit. EVER.


@heymo: But just imagine...your children would never get lost!


@lavikinga: lol

@yangpan168: Je ne sais pas du tout les GPS bon. Avez-vous essayé d'être insatisfait de pets gâteau?


@heymo: Don't feel bad, I flunked French too.


@durkzilla: The ever-helpful deals staff ruined my joke! The original version of the headline question was an excellent example of Google Translate gone horribly, horribly wrong and I just couldn't resist.

Though explaining a joke often ruins it, for those who have never taken French:

The word "know" in English can translate as "savoir" or "connaître" depending on what type of knowledge is involved.

Savoir is used if you know something by heart, know how to do something, or know it as a fact. But the very best use of savoir is to know something "in the Biblical sense" (i.e. carnally), as in Genesis 4:1, "And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived..."

Connaître, on the other hand, is the correct verb if you are acquainted with someone or something. When you tell your French buddy you already know your sister, you'd best use connaître (and not savoir) unless you're looking to get your ass kicked.

So if you know of a good GPS unit, it is definitely connaître and not savoir!


Should have mentioned: the original question wording was "Savez-vous un GPS pratique?"


I like Garmin the best. Have bought others and returned. Have two now-two cars. Nuvi's are nice.


Pour la voiture ou pour le camping et la randonnée?

Pour la voiture - Garmin Nuvi est le meilleur. Magellan n'est pas tres bon.

Pour la randonnée - Garmin etrex.


Garmin Nuvi is what I've been using the last 3 years. It has successfully navigated me across the US and back. As with any GPS, it won't always pick the best route, but it will get you there. I picked up a lifetime map upgrade subscription (off Amazon) so I plan on using it for the foreseeable future.


Also a Garmin user. No problems.


Wow, my Crap Detector just got pegged. Any one else's meter go crazy after the link to the GPS unit was posted? Odd that not only was it in French like the
OP's question, but from a brand new account.

Dang it. Where did I put that tinfoil helmet of mine?