questionswhat if i want to return a product bought from…


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It's important to understand the distinction between deals.woot and proper. This is a site where users post deals that they find interesting-- regardless of who is selling the items-- and where others can comment (and vote) on those postings. Unlike, deals.woot doesn't sell anything on its own.

What confuses some people is that your and deals are linked here. But those are still separate entities from deals.woot.

I'm not staff, but from the members page ( doesn't show any past purchases from woot proper. Are you sure you bought it from woot and not via a deals.woot link?

If the item in question was purchased via a link found on this site, I can help you no further. Once you've clicked on an external link, you have exited the wootiverse. You need to deal directly with the retailer from whom you made your purchase.


P.S. In case the item in question was purchased from proper, despite what's showing up on your member page, here is return info per

To request a final return of a defective product – not a product you don't like, not a product you regret buying, not to ask us a question about some other topic, NOTHING ELSE:


We generally recommend you get in touch with the manufacturer for assistance, or sell unwanted products on Ebay. If you need assistance with your item, you can get in touch with