questionscan i attach a usb drive or sd card to an android…


You can connect much more than that. see the video.


Here you can spend about $1.50 at Amazon for the cable.



First off you will need an OTG cable,

Then you will need this app:

Thumbdrives/card readers should be fine. External hdd/ssd will require a hub and power supply. I have found that the portable power banks work well for a few hours or so.


@cobracat03: With Jelly Bean, the App is not needed. Verizon just updated to 4.1.1 and I just connected a USB Flash Drive to confirm.


@morriea: Then the operative question is does the S3 natively support file systems other than FAT32? If it can not then the app (or one similar) will be needed to mount NTFS or any other file system that doesn't have a 4GB file size limit.