questionswhy is my order still "awaiting shipping" when it…


Hello and welcome to DW! This has happened to me before, on several occasions, sometimes the package ships faster than woot can update its status. Just be patient, it will probably be there today.

EDIT Which woot site did you order this from? Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see any Razer mice sold within the last week accross woot.


Why don't you send a direct email to support@woot and ask THEM? That might be a better way as you'll be sure that someone in their customer service actually sees your question rather than putting the question over here on the public community bulletin board. You'll be assigned a case # and will have an email trail.


I remember the good old days of woot when I'd get the tracking number a day or two after the item arrived.


@samstag: That used to happen to me regularly. I figured it was because I was in DFW and anything that shipped from Woot! HQ went straight into the USPS rather than having to go through FedEx first.


Hmmmm..... the most recent community-sourced razer nagas I see on the site are from five months ago, so I'm guessing the OP is referring to a Woot-sold item.


Don't give up hope....sometimes they use reindeer and sleighs for delivery.


I assume you purchased this mouse from this woot+ sale? Either way, your best bet is to email and see what's happening.