questionsdo you know what really grinds my gears?


@curtisuxor: Not clutching hard enough (to his money). When I don't clutch hard enough (pedal to the metal) it grinds my gears.


Well, this kind of stuff happens at woot: an item doesn't sell and they have to move it out, and the price falls. Sucks if you bit first.

But I'll ask this question again here: @devexityspace is the game any good at all? I didn't buy last time because I thought that it was going to be worth a laugh, then collect dust until getting thrown out. Is there any information to make me change my mind?


@wilfbrim: What I did notice, is that it didn't really Wow me like some of the other Monopoly boards I have:

Street Fighter, Nintendo, Marvel Comics, Futurama, Family Guy, South Park, LoTR, Sonic the Hedgehog, WWII, Spiderman, Star Wars Trilogy, Pokemon or my Michigan Monopoly (GO BLUE)

It just seems very generic and very cut & dry.

If I knew now, what I didn't know back then.. I would have waited until it dropped to it's current price (If I had already unlocked free shipping for the day)


Agreed, I didn't buy the first time, and not going to yet - $19.99 is still too high of a price point for me. For a game that we already have the original version of.


3 years ago wooters would have ate it up. It's all about brand image. Kids aren't going crazy for Starter jackets and Doc Martin boots any more either. The brand's coolness factor has worn off. If woot wanted to sell their own branded merchandise, they should have tried to stay cool.


I guess when you look at it bare bones, it is a way for us to pay them to advertise for them.
That is, if you can get someone to play with you that has no idea what it is about and get them interested.
I haven't done that yet. It sits unopened, cause no local friends would get it.


@devexityspace: Have you noticed the price on the Woot! cast iron frying pan has dropped as well. Last time I saw it for sale, it was around the $20 mark.


Another thing that grinds my gears is when I can't find the droids I'm looking for.


@lavikinga: Yes, and I purchased it the first day it was offered as well. Full price.

What it has taught me is to stop buying Woot Exclusive Gear when it first hits the site. Although I have gotten a lot of use out of my cast iron pan, I can't say the same for my Wootopoly board.


@devexityspace: Having seen my niece & nephew's Lord of the Rings Monopoly game recently, put me off of buying any specialty Monopoly. The quality was off. Not up to the standards of the Monopoly I remember. Of course, that was one with the big, brightly colored board which only folded in half.
Their LotR board seemed blah & much smaller, the money looked & felt of cheap paper and the tokens felt like pot metal. Cool idea for the first few minutes, then reality seeps in.