questionscould woot modify how the reply box works on atc?


Honestly, that's a fair complaint. I have had the same issue before. I end up typing out my response into another source (note pad, word, etc) and copy and paste it here. Plus it ends up eliminating the "OMFG! I just accidentally clicked outside the box and half of my thoughts have been deleted!" effect.


@capguncowboy: if the original comment to which you're replying isn't too long, can't you just copy/paste the entire text into your reply box for easy reading (and delete later, if desired)?

incidentally, if there is a real suggestion/complaint, i would suggest also entering it into "beta feedback" (should be a button for that at the top of the screen).

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I actually ran into this today. I was replying to several points made by another poster, and the placement of the reply box made it quite difficult. It -looks- nice, but it's functionally poor design.


@no1: ouch, minus score. rough crowd. remember to tip your waiter!

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Great suggestion. Do put that in the beta feedback. Yes, it is read.

I've run into this often. I'd like to be able to drag it.


@thunderthighs: Go ahead. THIS is my beta feedback. How long is a site considered beta? It seems like Woot has long passed beta feedback and is more at site suggestions.

@no1: I think the point is that you shouldn't have to open freaking notepad and copy/paste comments so that you can properly reply to someone. It's ridiculous.

I'd like to be able to reply and at the same time highlight/copy/paste other people's comments. The whole reply box closing when clicked outside of is a weird concept to me. It makes sense when viewing pictures, but not for replying to a comment. It's an accident waiting to happen as @capguncowboy mentioned.

While we're on it, it'd also be nice to have a way to reply to multiple people without needing to type @ and their whole username.

I would think that it'd be possible to have it so that when you type @ and a little of their name it auto-populates. Similar to IRC or Facebook. It would only auto-populate for people who have already replied in the thread.


@iggz: "@no1: I think the point is that you shouldn't have to open freaking notepad and copy/paste comments so that you can properly reply to someone. It's ridiculous." - uh, i was just proposing a simpler workaround that avoided notepad entirely while woot modifies their code. not sure why my workaround deserves so many downvotes.

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@no1: I think your "workaround" is pretty obvious.

And about the down-votes, you'll survive. Trust me.


Once upon a time THEY DID. I'll see if I can find a screen of it.. I'm sure someone has it.. Okay, just looked at the thread according to last year me I forgot to take a screenshot :)

Here's the thread though..


Okay, here.. I recreated what it looked like. Not exact, but close.

Here's the direct link if you want to see the full size enchilada


::sigh:: What's old is new again. Nothing changed. Too bad. Same ole, same ole. And the beat goes on. And on.

As a relatively new member of deals.woot, I've finally realized that the same questions are asked frequently. And, not resolved. (FAQs? - not going there again. It doesn't help.)

We do have avatars, though. And we can post pics & videos. :-/


The real problem is that the developers don't actually use what they create. Yeah, they probably tested it a few times and have made a few replies, but they don't REALLY use it. Because if they did, they'd realize that it is very poorly designed.


I like tasks that are challenging.


@iggz: Honestly, it's likely more of an issue of trying to design to a particular aesthetic goal than a functional one. Most highly functional web stuff winds up looking "old" and untrendy. (Craigslist is a great example ... super functional, but most web folks revile the look.)

Hell, it's even simpler to have the box show up in the normal document flow than to have it do this pseudo-popup junk.... which also closes too easily.


@capguncowboy: Nice to mention the problem about clicking outside the box. Another issue is when you hit the submit and it waits a couple seconds before posting and it is unable to connect to the server and you get that dreaded server error. Then you click your back button and the comment is gone.

You have a good idea of typing it into a text editor and copy/pasting it. I'll do that from now on too.


Best work around I've found is to scroll the comment to which I'm replying high enough so I only see the reply and THEN click it. That usually works well enough so when the reply box appears, I can scroll the whole thing back down revealing most of the comment to which I'm replying. Genuine PITA as well as my comment disappearing when I accidentally click somewhere unintended.


alright, what's the deal here? did somebody hack into your account or something?


@gmwhit: (FAQs? - not going there again.)

Bug @gatzby for updates?


@inkycatz: ;-) Nope. Tried that; didn't work. IF FAQs ever get officially published, it will be when TPTB determine they want to. Last time I asked about it, lichme answered. Odd that. :-/

Re: The OP's question: "Could Woot modify how the reply box works on ATC?" Could they modify it? - of course they could. Will they? Again, not holding my breath. This is not the 1st time this same question has been asked. ....And the beat goes on.


First, I agree with all the previously-mentioned gripes about the infernal comment box.

@gmwhit: "And we can post pics & videos."

Yeah, I remember a thread about that. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it again when I needed it. A mini-tutorial file that helped ATC'ers with that, as well as how to italicize, bold, etc, would be very useful. (Maybe it could even be a pop-up from the comment box!)


@ginawoot: "Maybe it could even be a pop-up from the comment box!"