questionsa shirt.woot woot-off??


Too bad they're Anvil blanks...


Whoah! I didn't see this...I have to keep my eyes peeled on yet ANOTHER page haha


@capguncowboy: On the corollary, it's a good thing they're on Anvil blanks, as it removes a lot of temptation.


It's not just t-shirts... there have been zip-up hoodies and totes too.


With the way woot has changed and the lack of cool toys during the woot off I didn't stay up last night and totally missed the beginning of the shirt woot-off. Now I am all kinds of upset as I really blow a bunch of cash last night (my boys will wear the Anvil even though they prefer the AA). Acquired Taste w/PS3 game, It Came out of Nowhere (remix), Sore Thumbs, the Unstealthy Ninjas, and the Binge hoodie. I could really use a TARDIS.


Haha, this is how I found out about the actual Wootoff... yep, right now I just found out...