questionsdoes anybody buy extended warranties on…


I did on my T.V.
It came with a one year manufacture, but I got an additional 3 years for $99 that covers pretty much everything except me setting it on fire. Up to half a screen of broken pixels and they will replace the board. Power supply, etc...
Mine is through Best Buy. I haven't had to use it yet, but I have friends who have and they had no problems.


However, new TVs are not really servicable - so an extended warranty that covers replacement might not be such a bad idea for them.

I recently bought a jump drive ($20) and was offered an extended warranty for "only" $8 more (I'd be more annoyed about data lost, could be worth more than several jump drives).

So that's the question - cost:benefit

Got Ex Warr for Laptop (came in the last month of coverage complained about poor battery life, I still have the replacement battery - worth about what the Ex Warr cost), also I was driving A LOT - got ExWarr for car for 100,000/3 Years (cheap, since it's "only" 3 years), A/C acted up at 98,700 miles (35 Months), the fix got complicated (since they try cheap stopgap repairs to get one past the Warr date) - finally fixed at 102,500 Miles (and several loaner cars). A/C repairs are expen$ive. A recently purchased range (gas burners, electric convection oven) fixed 3 times in new Warr, so bought 5-year plan, expecting more failures.


ruger9mm - I am amused that the linked article has 8 Google Ads for extended warranty/service contract sales. But the article nails how to evaluate cost:benefit, which usually is very profitable for the company selling the coverage.


It would be very rare for me to buy an extended warranty.
I bought one on a refurbed TV a couple of years ago...ends up I didn't need to spend the other $60, but guess I'm glad I had it "just in case".

I would never consider buying one for an item under a couple hundred bucks though -- just buy a new one.
Note: I try to be conscientious and look at reviews before buying items.


I buy extended warranties for laptops, because they travel. Not so much for dishwashers, washing machines, etc. But for computers? absolutely.


I buy extended warranties on laptops but never at the store. I use Square Trade, coverage is the same or better and the cost is a lot less.

I also buy extended warranties on camcorders as they are also very fragile. Had an old camcorder whose drive failed about 2 months before the end of the warranty (good timing). The extended warranty paid for it to be repaired by the manufacturer and the camcorder lasted for another 2 years.

A couple times we bought office chairs at Staples, regular price about $150, and got their <$10 extended warranty. When the chair arm fabric wore out in a few months they refunded our money and told us to keep the bad chair. That was definitely worth it.


We bought a home warranty (from AHS) when we purchased our home in 2006. The house was built in 1997. We have renewed it each year and thus far it has more than paid for itself. It runs $650/yr but thus far we have had them come out and repair and replace part of our furnance, replace the cooling tower on our upstairs a/c system, replace an outside a/c fan, as well as replace the motherboard on our pool control system. Each of those would have cost us at least $650 and we only had to pay a $50 deductible. I know that most of my extended warranties go unused, but as other people have said when it comes to big/costly items there is a peace of mind that goes with having a warranty.
I am glad I am not the only person who buys these.


I bought a Squaretrade warranty for my new laptop. I'll be using it outside quite a bit so I wanted the extra protection.

You can find discount codes for Squaretrade on the interwebs.


I generally do not, unless it's for my kid. When you don't buy the electronic yourself and it has no monetary value to you, you tend to not treat it as well as you otherwise would.

Other than that, I don't buy them for appliances, TVs, etc...


I use my American Express Card... It extends manufactures warranty for another year. If something goes bad, I just make a claim online and they will credit my account for the purchase or pay to get it fixed.


I generally do not. However I did buy insurance on my MacBook, iPhone, & iPad. I was extremely impressed with when my wife killed the MacBook with coffee. I would definitely check into insurance over warranty.


I use them on my electronics especially squaretrade after having made a claim and seeing how cool and easy they are about I consider the coverage part of the new purchase price.

Though I have never found them to be effective with cards ... Those seem to be more of a ripoff for whatever reason


I bought a 3 year extended warranty for my Xbox 360 (the old white model) I knew they had RROD problems and I didn't want to deal with it. So when Microsoft extended the RROD warranty out 3 years my extended warranty was now good for 6 years after purchase. All for $69.


If I'm carrying it around, yes, but only Squaretrade. It's cheaper and there's always a coupon. Recently my boss got an iPad and I talked her into Squaretrade, though she was dubious. A week after she got it, she dropped it and the screen shattered. Squaretrade dealt with it immediately, with no frustration (so I was a hero).

I never go for the store warranty because I don't want to encourage them with that upsell at the checkout crap. Anyway, it would hold up the line because I want to read all the terms and conditions before I buy.


I find it generally more effective to just burn the money. Alternatively you can save the money and use it to fix or buy a replacement for the device and generally come out ahead. At Best Buy the policies are really pushed because they are essentially huge profit makers. a $200 laptop warranty costs them like $12. Its essentially insurance, and you know insurance companies aren't stupid, they know how to make their money.


Something I've always looked at was use and reputation.

A laptop, that I expect to carry around, is worth the effort (never know what will happen). But a TV sitting in the living room might not be a real need.


Usually no. Electronics usually fail early on (when it's covered by the manufacturer's warranty) or towards end of life (when it's out of the extended).


I do buy the accidental damage coverage for my laptops, tablets, and iPods. They usually always pay for themselves in the long run. My newest laptop got knocked to the floor by my dogs, and the motherboard got messed up (USB ports got smashed in). Dell sent a tech to my house to do the repair and it didn't cost me a dime. Without the coverage I would have been out the cost of a new mainboard plus labor, which would have exceeded the price I paid for the warranty. I've also purchased extended coverage for my XBox 360 consoles, which so far have gone unused. Anything that covers accidental damage is worth the money if it's less than 25% of the original cost of the item.


We purchase them for big ticket electronics - the TV and my laptop. I like the way SquareTrade works - they're up front about coverage and easy to deal with. The TV, we originally purchased the BestBuy warranty, it replaced the TV, so was worth the cost, but we could've gotten the same coverage for less $ through SquareTrade.
(I will admit I dropped $6 to cover my husband's Sansa for 3 years, his last one died at 1yr 1 month.)


I have, on three occasions, purchased extended warranty's. All three are through SquareTrade, and all three are mainly because of their "Accidental Drop Handling" plans. I have one for my tablet, my digital camera, and my outdoor (mainly mountain biking) video camera. I know between my girlfriend and I, something will be dropped/destroyed (mainly worried about the tablet screen) and I would rather have the peace of mind that it will be fixed, rather than having an expensive paperweight.

I have spent around 80 bucks to insure 500-600 dollars worth of equipment. worth it to me.


I didn't believe in them until I worked at a service desk one summer. Some guy came in with one of those thousand-pound big screen TVs from the late 90s (which, according to his receipt, is when he bought it). He had paid in cash and bought the extended warranty. Nearly a decade after he bought it, I gave him something like $3,000 in cash because we no longer had the parts to fix it and definitely didn't have a comparable TV with which to replace it.

I'd say they're worth it if the warranty covers things beyond "didn't work when you bought it". The warranty for my TV covers "acts of God", which may or may not be open to interpretation.


I also tend to buy warranties when I'm buying version 1.0 of something. Big supporter of SquareTrade here.


I haven't used SquareTrade, so I can't comment on them.

I bought an extended warranty at a well known electronics store once... once.
They totally burned me.

My (ex)wife bought an extended warranty on a parrot cage we bought (I wasn't there, or I would have veto'd). We got burned on that too- but I don't think you were interested in parrot cage warranties.