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1) Don't like it - don't buy it.
2) Attention
3) Not my kid
4) Not my kid
5) Sensationalism is the essence of a magazine.

I have been told (my a member, albeit 20 years ago) that this organization promotes breastfeeding until the age of 5-6:
"Weaning according to attainment of one-third adult weight. Other studies suggest that primates are like other mammals in weaning each offspring when they reach about one-third their adult weight (Charnov and Berrigan 1993). Humans come in different sizes, but 4 to 7 years of nursing would be the weaning age for humans using this method of comparison, with boys generally being nursed longer than girls, and large-bodied populations nursing longer than small-bodied groups."


I think people are making a really big deal about it because while the child may only be 3 years old he looks like he's 8. Doesn't help things that the child is making an awkward face towards the camera as well. That kid looks mischievous even with a mouthful of his mom.


It's part of life. Get over it.
The model probably wants to model.
Just a blip in his life.
Dunno, but it isn't my problem to decide right now.
What Eyeflytwohigh said.


Thats hot!

No, really that is so disgusting, if they are old enough to have an Oreo with it, it is way past time to give it up.


@ruger9mm: Agree. I have four kids. The youngest is 2 1/2. He is pretty much potty trained, dresses himself, talks in full sentences, and feeds himself. In fact, he can even go get his own food out of the fridge or pantry. All of my kids have been similar and I think most parents would agree that a 3 year old child is a pretty complex individual.


Well, I think it is a good ploy to have people discuss the magazine and breastfeeding in general. However, I would not have chosen it because I do not think the photograph genuine or appropriate. There are societies all over the world where breastfeeding continues long after the general time period that is customary here in the US. It is a cultural thing - and it is also a private decision that is nobody's business except for the indivuals involved.


I don't really have a problem with it. It seems that it is just to get people reading about breastfeeding and its advantages. He if it gets people to read and comment about it, job well done by the magazine. This is what sells and that is what matters to the magazine in the end.


It doesn't bother me and it doesn't surprise me. It's what I've come to expect from magazines and "news" stories nowadays. It gets people clicking, reading and talking which is the ultimate goal.

There was a story going viral on my Facebook wall last week with the word "Birth Rape" in the title. Of course, no actual rape happened in the linked article but it did the job of getting people to read it. It may have backfired though—almost all of the thousands of comments were from people angry by the misleading use of "rape" with hardly anyone talking about the substance of the story (a woman alleges that she was given a C-section against her will when she wanted vaginal delivery—not exactly rape in my book).


makes me want to watch Game of Thrones.


I'm nervous to open this link at work. Is it safe? I take it from the comments that this one could be risky...


Time has officially descended into the same class of magazines as the weekly world news.


My wife breast fed both of my children and was the same size as that woman, at no time did her breasts look so small while doing so,obviously a staged photo for selling magazines. I also have a 3 year old grand daughter, that's no 3 year old, actually he's almost 4.

Read this article for feedback:


Way to old for breast feeding!


She's attractive and human milk is quite tasty.



As the child grows, breastfeeding goes from a natural thing to being a bit odd, to being creepy, to being molesting/child abuse. Where exactly those points are is a matter of opinion.

The "attachment parenting" movement pushes extended breast feeding, sleeping with children (same room or same bed), and extended physical contact. It's an interesting thought, but there are no valid studies that show that it is any better or worse than any other way. I do wonder about breastfeeding a child past the point where they have permanent memories (somewhere between 5 and 6).

As for the Time picture, it's exploitative and just wrong. If that were an older child or man it would be porn. I feel bad for that kid. He (and his brother, the name is in the article) are going to be teased mercilessly in school. Can a 4 year old legally change his name.


My wife came into the bedroom last night and said something like: "Did you see that TIME magazine cover?". I said: "Yeah, so?".
Yup, that was sooooo the wrong response.
Apparently HER take on the cover was that TIME was implying that breast-feeding mother's were idiots (she breastfed both of our children). Not the intention of the article, but her first impression was that of disgust.


@kamikazeken: I thought they'd done that years ago.


I'd consider a full set of baby teeth is Nature's way of saying "it's time for solid food."

As an side, new mothers should be encouraged to breast feed, even if for a little while. It bothers me to see formula being sent home with the new families almost as much as it does to know that some newborns are being fed sweetened water by those who work in the newborn nurseries.
It's not always easy for first time moms. Sometimes it almost seems like a does take a village of experienced moms to help show the way. Although, guilt trips by militant mother's milk folks do NOT help.
Breastfeeding can be down right painful & frustrating, but the benefits for both mom & baby are so worthwhile.


I seem to recall a TV show (sitcom) where a similar age/size child ran up to his mom from the playground so he could breastfeed. The obvious implication and joke in the show was that the child was too old to be doing that and funny comments ensued. Does anyone remember the show/episode? I want to say it might have been Friends or Seinfeld.


I'm a stay at home dad with a 6 year old and 3 year old - so I'm in there business all day along both the good and bad.

Right now I'm looking at my three & 1/2 year old and there is NO WAY my wife would breast feed her now. That is insane, she just finished a lunchable with a caprisun at age 3 1/2 - if my wife came home and said it was time to "feed" her, I would question her sanity.


@wnyx585am: that seems like a modern family joke maybe ?


I lived in poverty stricken areas of the Philippines for 2 years and sadly, I saw this sort of thing more often than I wanted. The people that were doing this were the ones who were dirt poor squatters that couldn't afford to feed their 8 kids.

The worst I saw was a mom who said it was meal time and just lifted her shirt and her kids came 2 by 2 by 2 to feed. The oldest was about 6 years old and the youngest was about 6 months. It was awkward and sad at the same time.

Here in the US, there are programs in place so that this wouldn't have to happen (WIC, food stamps, etc). I am a firm believer that once the kid can start to eat real food, the baby should start being weaned from breast feeding with the baby being fully weaned at 1 year old (and enjoying whole milk instead). Especially when the kid starts getting a mouthful of teeth and likes to bite!


@matt1976: She's attractive and human milk is quite tasty.


Please have a seat over there>>>>


@wnyx585am: Not sure if it's exactly the one you are referring to, but that did happen in a Desperate Housewives episode. (cut me some slack on knowing this guys, why wife is a fan......)


@wnyx585am: @bund9032: I'm not sure about in a sitcom, but I remember it in the movie "Grown Ups"


@deadeye37: Yes it is sad that poverty that dire exists, but isn't it great that she had something to feed her children? At least they won't starve to death.

And is milk intended for baby cows somehow better than milk designed specifically for small humans? Milk that mothers make at the toddler stage is a different composition than milk mothers make for infants. It is healthier for him than cow's milk.

@pwknowles: she is just not a large breasted woman. The longer you nurse, the smaller your breasts get (closer to your pre-pregnancy size), because they don't need to make as much milk. It is not this boy's only nutrition. She was probably much bigger when the boy was an infant and breast milk was all he had, and he nursed throughout the day. Now she may not even nurse him every day. Most of the time, from the people I know, it is a couple times a day, max. And mostly for the closeness and calming effects, not for the few ounces of milk.


I think Time Magazine got what they wanted out of the picture, buzz. I think the negative attention should be shown towards Time for choosing a unnatural/controversial image for attention. There is no way that this is the way the breast feeding is done at home which would be the proper way to present the image for a realistic representation of the story they are trying to cover.

As far as the subject goes I do believe breastfeeding babies is positive for the newborns health and I would encourage it. With that said I would say a good cutoff on the late side would be when the baby has grown teeth and moves towards a solid food diet. I would hope mother would try to breastfeed their baby till 4-6 months when babies start on soft solids but sometimes outside influences like work make this increasingly impossible to continue longer.

As far as sleeping it is dangerous for a baby to sleep with an adult in bed due to crush risk and toddlers outside of "scary" nights should in their own bed.


@bbdickso1: While my response wasn't as forceful as your wife's, I complete agree with her. I breastfed my daughter until she was 366 days, we stopped the day after her first birthday. Breastfeeding is hard, exhausting, emotional, and absolutely one of the best things I have done, both for her and for myself. I HATE the people who sensationalize breastfeeding. It absolutely does not need more attention drawn to it this way, like @lavikinga said. Women need the quiet support of the mainstream breastfeeders, not the attention-grabbing anomalies like this.

You try breastfeeding in public now (as is EVERY mother's right) and see if you don't get even more stares and people who look at you as if you have SIX heads and are planning to attachment-parent your child into teenage-hood (I believe in secure parenting, not attachment parenting) and thus are harming your child by doing what is truly best for him or her.

Getting off my soapbox now....


Most of the hot ones are pretty strange, this is a new level of weird if you ask me BUT I wouldn't kick her out of the sack lol. Also that is a huge 3 year old


It's amazing how many experts on the subject we have here at Woot.


It in no way affects me personally, so I really don't give a fecal sample.