questionscan you point me to a breakfast casserole recipe…


Have you tried a search engine, by chance?


My experience has been that any strata or casserole prepared the night before will take at least an hour to bake the next day. If you want something that will bake a bit more quickly, you might look for recipes where you can do the prep work the night before (chopping, grating, measuring) and then quickly assemble in the morning.

Since you want to avoid eggs, one way to frame your search is by looking for vegan recipes ("vegan breakfast casserole," "vegan strata," etc.). Once you find a recipe that sounds good, you can substitute regular meats and cheeses for the vegan versions in the recipe.


here ya go

or just use an egg-substitute, like egg-beaters


Just a thought, but a breakfast version of Shepard's Pie with hash browns and sausage.


Cheesy Potato Casserole. I make if for holiday brunches. My nieces love it.
Easy to make the night before. Pop in the oven for 1 hr.
I make it w/ greek yogurt so you get lots of protein from that and the cheese.

1 32oz bag frozen hash brown potatoes. The small chunk kind NOT the shredded kind.
1/2 cup chopped onion
2 cups plain fat free or low fat greek yogurt
1 tsp salt
1 can low fat cream of chicken or cream of celery soup
2 cups grated cheese -- I like to mix whatever I have -- usually mild or sharp cheddar and the secret is to add in some shredded mozzarella -- low fat or fat free of course. I use heaping cups cause the kids like them nice and cheesy.
1/4 tsp pepper
3-4 cups Special K
1/2 cup butter



Defrost potatoes -- but if making the night before this isn't necessary. Just make sure they aren't stuck together.
Mix together the potatoes, and all other ingredients EXCEPT for the Special K and butter.
I like to put them in the larger 14 x 9 pyrex ( rounded numbers ) pan. You can use the smaller 7x11 if you do, adjust the Special K. But I am skipping ahead.
Melt the Butter and mix w/ Special K coating well. Spread over the top of the potato mixture. Depending on how it looks I may add more Special K . As mentioned. you might cut back if you are using smaller pan. But depends on how much crunch you like !
For extra zing you can add some green chilies, well drained. Or use some jalapeno jack cheese.
Cover and stick in the fridge til the next day.
Bake at 350 for 1hour.
It's really very easy to make. I just like to get a little creative sometimes.

Serve w/ fruit salad or fresh fruit. Helps to lighten up all that dairy.
And/or whatever other breakfast stuff you like.


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Of course, if needed, you can cook ahead and heat in the micro. They are always great leftover !

Couple notes : The lowfat Campbells soups are also usually low salt. But the ones marked low salt aren't always low fat. You have to read some labels. i try to make the non cheese ingredients low fat, etc... to make up for the cheese. As mentioned , I am very generous w/ the cheese. The kids have me make it , cause their mother doesn't do that .


Hmm.. depending on the total # of people, I think I'd still make a dish with eggs.
For the two people that don't eat eggs, I'd make them something small (not sure what but maybe a fruit salad or bagels?
I'm sure the two people that don't eat eggs don't want to take the eggs out of everyone's breakfast...


@finzup: If it's a mission trip where they are doing physical labor, even the ones that can't eat eggs need some protein to keep them going. I am wondering, though, why a casserole? Casseroles are easy, but the downside is that they have a lot of different ingredients, and when cooking for a group that can be a problem. Odds are that someone in your group is lactose intolerant, for example. It's gotten quite common. I'd suggest instead offering a build-it-yourself breakfast burrito buffet with separate bowls of scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, re-fried beans, maybe some tater tots or hash browns, and some chopped tomatoes, onions and salsa with flour tortillas to wrap them in. The eggs, meat, beans, and potatoes would be easy to pre-cook and nuke later.


@finzup: Ten thousand thumbs up. Two people are in control of what a 'large crowd' eats? This is insane. I'm allergic to mold. Mold-based cheeses are out for me, this includes (obviously) bleu cheese. But I don't go hang out at wing places and tell everyone else that they can't have it either.

To answer the question though, just Google hashbrown casserole or "sausage casserole -egg".


Many thanks for the helpful comments.
@gionot: I hadn't thought of looking for vegan recipes.
@ceagee: That sounds really good. I'll add it to the list. Thanks!
@finzup, @moondrake - This is just one dish for one morning. There will be other foods on other days. We have found in the past that people are happier when they have some variety in their meals. On "breakfast casserole" morning, there will also be an egg based casserole. I just want to make sure there's something for our guys who don't do well with egg based dishes.

@stile99 - This is a little different than the situation you described. I'm in charge of making the meals for the group. Due to our situation, I'm planning what people will be eating. There aren't going to be a lot of choices (other than the always available peanut butter and jelly sandwiches). I've asked for food allergies and sensitivities and this is just one (of fortunately not too many) that I'm working around.


@stile99: That's not exactly an apt comparison. This isn't a restaurant, there aren't other choices on the menu, and what the people can't eat is an entree not a condiment. When you are responsible for making a meal for a group, you want to make a one-dish meal, and you know some in the group have dietary limitations, it is completely reasonable to work around those people. In fact, it would be pretty rude to deliberately make a meal that some people in the group cannot eat without making something on the side for them.


@moondrake: I didn't see anyone suggesting deliberately making a dish certain people can't/won't eat without providing other options. OP mentioned there would be other options, and in fact this question was posted to help gather ideas. Several good ideas have been proposed.

Obviously my analogy didn't exactly coincide with this specific situation...that's kinda the definition of analogy. My point is considerate people with food allergies do not expect the world to bend to their needs/preferences. OP indicates that these two people are in fact not looking to remove eggs from everyone else, so it looks like all is well. Rarely is found such a cohesive group that looks for ways to unify, rather than looking for ways to divide, and I feel they are to be commended.