questionsshould i get the galaxy siii or the razr maxx?


lol, you're really comparing these 2 phones?

I just preordered the GS3, that should tell you something



@iggz: SIII is superior in every way except battery life... but it DOES have a removable battery.


@coolphilip04: yes it does. Why would anyone buy a phone without a removable battery? Blows my mind. Unless you want to be like those Apple fanboys


@iggz: Well I like the look of the Razr Maxx and it is a good phone, but yeah. You convinced me. Thanks.


@coolphilip04: Well that was easy lol

But, really, I think the S3 is a much, much, much better phone than the MAXX

I got it for $200 which is a steal


@iggz: It is a much better phone, I just wanted the Razr HD. Which is rumoured to be as good or better than. Stupid verizon not wanting me to have unlimited data.


Use the one that gets you unlimited data. A better phone will appear about 3 months after you buy the new one.


Avoid Moto Blur. Galaxy all the way.


I bought my SG3 two days ago, and I really regret I did it so late. The device is the best one I ever touched and used.Its quality is excellent, and I still wonder why some people keep telling Razr Maxx is better.Check 7 Unique Features of the Samsung Galaxy S III.


I would have bought a GSIII if I was not forbidden too by my wife greiving over the loss of her Sprint GSII and recent demotion to an Iphone 4 on verizon. It was okay for me to to buy a Razr Maxx which I am very happy with the battery life and some of the unique features on. Plus I got the Maxx for $99 where if I had gotten the GSIII it would have cost me $400 because I would have had to buy two of them! I do love the Verizon 4G LTE speeds of over 18mbs in speedtest after speedtest. I know sprint had unlimited data but what good is less than 300kbs and the worst cell phone coverage due to constant cell tower downtime for upgrades do for you. Yes you cannot replace the battery on the Maxx but you can reset it if need be. The GSIII is a beautiful device and a quad core proc would be nice to brag on but for the price you can't beat the Droid Razr Maxx. Sometimes you gotta just keep the peace and not get the phone you want.