questionshow can i make my cat identifiable?


It's not as creepy as you think, and painless and unnoticeable to the pet. It's also very inexpensive. From what I recall they just pop it in between the shoulder blades and it hurts the cat no more than any standardized vaccination.

Even though my cat is indoors only, she is absolutely chipped (being a shelter cat, they did this before I even got her).

In short, one time very low fee, very strong peace of mind.
added - Popular chip providers are HomeAgain and 24PetWatch, although the vet probably has a 'go to' they use...

Keep in mind, if she ends up wandering and in a shelter, they will scan automatically, but vets are likely to not scan unless the people that bring her in mention she is a stray. Which is to say if she ever went missing, I'd call all the local vets and give them a heads up/drop a pic off.


@inkycatz: Meh, I guess I should. Just the idea of giving my pet an implant is off-putting to me.


@panthiest: In the end, we will all become robots. Now what would make it really worth it would be a gps tracker.

Science isn't quite there yet I guess.


How about an ear tattoo? I know they do this for dogs (a number ID), maybe they do it for cats, too? If your kitty becomes lost, someone would then see the ID in her ear.

No, not:
"Hi, my name is Jenny. Call 555-867-5309." (That would have to be a really big kitty ear.)

Hmm, I'm not sure how this would work. I guess that's what Google is for?


I'm a veterinarian. Without question, a microchip is the best way to go. In my experience, animal control officers never look for tattoos but they always scan for microchips. I have been involved in situations where dogs were stolen and the thief claimed legal ownership. The microchip not only identified the animal, it established who the owner really was; otherwise it was one person's word against the other.


@panthiest: Please, chip your cat.

It's not creepy, and it adds a lot of peace of mind for you, and for your kitty. The insertion is brief, and it won't bother her at all.


Thanks everyone :)

As tempting as getting her tattooed with a neon pink mohawk is, I'm guna make an appointment to get her chipped.

Besides, she's mostly black so I don't think the colors would show up well :p


I should have posted this one instead -


@barnabee: My cat had one; they tattoo all cats in Germany.

But chipping is a great option.


@geredeth: I'm going to ask that you stop taking this thread off topic. While you're entitled to your opinion about whether cats should be allowed out or not, this question is about identification.

Even if one intends to keep their cat indoors at all times, it is possible that the cat will escape. While it may not be ideal, other people being able to identify it is a good thing.


@okham: Isn't it easier to figure out that a cat belongs to someone if it has a tattoo? I mean, just looking in the cat's ear is a lot easier than driving to a vet's office to find out if it has a chip.


@barnabee: Yep, but not all vets will do it as it can be considered inhumane. I don't agree, but some people are funny.


@barnabee: Having a couple tattoos myself, I can say they hurt more than a shot (which is what I'm led to believe a getting chip feels like).

Not knowing what's going on would probably make for a pretty unpleasant experience. Of course it is only a one-time thing. I don't think it's necessarily inhumane, but I'd feel bad about it personally.

That aside, the insides of her ears are almost black so a tattoo would be hard to spot. Of course a chip is completely invisible, but I figure if so many people are recommending one it's likely that people think to check for them.


@panthiest: Check with your local Humane Society. Their chips/procedures are usually cheaper than what a vet charges--at least where I live, they are.


@barnabee: I think the tattoo issue is more about claiming ownership from another person who has the animal in their possession. If I lost a cat that had "▲" as a tat, and I found that you had an identical cat with an identical tat, who is right/wrong about ownership? This world is full of coincidences, not to mention liars. :)


@panthiest: I'm glad you're choosing to "chip" the kitty. It's reminding me that I should do the same with my dogs... grumble they are FAST when they want to be...

Also - I find it strange when people don't let their cats outside at all - most mammals need fresh air and sunlight. I'm glad yours gets both. And glad that it has a responsible, loving, humane owner. And neighbors that aren't crazy.


I'm really not going to get into the indoor/outdoor debate because there are a lot of reasons on both sides and no one's likely to convince the other to change ways, but I am glad to hear you're chipping after all!


Paint a white racing stripe on its back and put some numbers on its side. NASCAR Cat.


@Inkycatz first post is correct about pain. My wife is a vet tech and does micro chipping quite often. One thing to note, there isn't one standardized chip. Your local humane society will use a different system than say, Banfield (vets inside petsmart). All our cats (4) have both, in case they get picked up as "stray" cats or by a concerned citizen who finds them injured and takes them to a local vet.

Don't forget that you also have to remember to change the Address on the chip if you ever move!

Also, if they are outdoor cats, please, please, please spay or Neuter your cats!

FYI - I let my cats outside into my fenced back yard. They have no need to go outside of that. Our town has a law saying that it is illegal to let your cats roam w/o supervision. If your cat is picked up and has identification, you will get fined. If no identification, your cat will be kept for 1 week then put down.

Our HOA has a similar rule, yet it's difficult for them to enforce it, naturally.


Used to have a cat who wanted to go for a walk (on a leash) whenever I came home. Definitely started some conversations with the neighbors.