questionscan i still order your air conditioner?


nope, my air conditioner was never for sale.

If you are talking about a deal previously offered another day on a woot site or through an expired woot plus sale the answer is no and keep your fingers crossed that it comes up again.

If it was through a posting here on deals.woot then depends on the company that is selling it, you would need to inquire with them directly as deals.woot does not actually sell things, just a friendly community (for the most part) that finds and shares deals from around the interent


Yes, I am still selling it, you can find it on Craigslist.


If you saw it on Deals, you can always try using the search function.


This one?
No, you waited too long and it is no longer for sale.

Since woot doesn't really run out of stock anymore, I willing to bet they'll sell it again. When they do that, they're lazy and will just put an incremental number at the end. Try this link every day until it works: