questionsshould woot lower it's half-woot-life?


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They probably only had one of that item...

The point of the Woot-Off is to have Woot get rid of all the items in the building... Therefore, I don't think we need to change the Woot-off half-life. I feel the Woot-off moves just fine.

EDIT: Or maybe they just took it down because no-one was buying.


They needed a distraction while they added more items to the queue (and maybe prep for the BOC!). They do this on occasion but I've never seen a deal just disappear like that with 0 buys. I have suspected woot of slowly changing the quantity available from 500->100 or something along those lines. Sometimes a Sale just picks up pace super fast for no explainable reason.

The Tony Hawk skateboards had wootalyzer saying 99% at 3 sold, and 98% at 6 sold and 96% at 10 or 11 sold (this was about 10 minutes into the deal) and then it ended an hour and a half later with 100 sales.


did anyone see the wines gone wild redheads and blondes last night? i watched for two hours when no one bought even one.

they might need a little tweak here or there, but overall it seems to work well.


Although official policy is 12 hours, I've never seen an item last more than about 3 hours or so. Even if that may be a BIT long by woot-off standards, it's not really that excessive.


last night on the wine.wootoff started at 1:26am ended at 5:23am according to original posting.

"Looks like six people have stepped up in five hours...they should be pulling the plug on this one before long." from @catfishhunters99 at 543am


I think they should determine it by the price. Higher priced items (things people won't buy just to get the bar moving) should have shorter Woot-lifes, because there aren't going to be many people willing to spend $700 just to see the next item. They'll likely go do something else and click F5 every few minutes to see if it's sold out yet. Likewise, lower-priced items should be afforded a higher Woot-life, because after a certain time, people might buy some to push the line on.


the half-Woot-life MAXIMUM is 12 mention of a minimum


the camera WAS purchased, they only had 1 of the k7


I think the current Woot-off moves just fine. Some things go quickly, some go slowly. And I like it that way.

I think it would be cool to get some insight into Woot's stock policies. Often you'll see a deal "sell out" on a regular woot, then it will show up again at a woot-off. Is that some extra stock they hold back for returns, etc? Did they find more? Do they purposely save some for the woot-off?


@tsfisch: I agree, I am seeing sold out stuff pop up all over the place on this Woot off.


@wigi: Maybe it's from cancelled orders?


Yes please a shorter woot life would be nice


Summerland Bien Nacido Chardonnay 375ml Case also at five hours currently (could still go longer)


@tsfisch: Where do the sold out items come from? It's a combination of miscounted inventory, additional supply coming available, and non-traditional returns. Those "returns" are due to people's payments not going through, failed deliveries, and pre-shipping adjustments (e.g., the code for the site says the item is "sold", but someone contacted service to cancel an order or reduce quantity).

At least that's my guess.