questionsdid you hear that comedian phyllis diller has…


Never heard of her until today, guess kind of before my time. Looks like she had a good run though.


imdb page for those who don't know who she is. It's always sad when an icon dies. I can't imagine what's gonna happen when Betty White's time comes.


Had not heard. Thanks for posting this. Funny, funny woman!! If I remember correctly, she called her husband Fang. RIP Phyllis :-(


Did she get rabies from a fang bite?

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@rprebel: Betty White will outlive us all. Or at least her humor will.

I remember Phyllis Diller most from Scooby Doo cartoons...Funny lady.


@okham: OMG! Scooby Doo!!!! I know that voice now!! Thanks! I mean I knew her from other stuff but now that voice is coming back in my head as I think about it.


You didn't see her in her element if you didn't see her Vegas act. The woman had Fat Cats literally ROTFLTAO. The time I saw her she had to stop three times and leave the stage so people could catch their breath. The personification of Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover.


She had a good run. I will miss her laugh. She's one of the few people I ever saw that plastic surgery honestly helped. She was also a kind and generous woman, in private.

Fang was her husband in her act, but not based on a real person.

RIP, truly.


Condolences to her family. She was a very funny person. May she rest in peace.


Her sense of timing and sarcasm will definitely be missed. Younger comedians should study her works.


True loss. Always funny, no matter what she was doing.


Last thing I knew she did was the voice of Peter Griffin's mom.


I heard it here first. :( Before CNN and Twitter, even.