questionsis there a woot! classified section?


In a word: NO. The volume of spam that we get here from China is ridiculous (if you haven't visited deals.woot early in the A.M. you should check it out sometime). A classifieds section would only amplify the number of spam and scam posts that need tattling.


@90mcg112: What time of day does that stuff come across? I am usually only on during the day, but I'd be curious to see what kind of junk comes across.


But the lil meter thing says I could use more tattles... so bring on the spam?


only a Missed Connections and Casual Encounters section, the rest is on the up and up and stays on deals.woot


Just thinking out loud here, so sorry:

Craigslist is good, but you're tied to a local market. No shipping out of town, generally.

Ebay is good too, but I've been "disappointed" a couple times with poor lighting/descriptions, even with "well rated" sellers.

I was Just thinking of a combo-type of place where Wooters could post decent stuff they hoped to get rid of to people they trust.

Woot is unique because of the deals, obviously, but also because the community (with the mod's help) polices itself and doesn't allow b.s.

But it's just a thought.


@hossdawg97: I think you will find that if you check woot around 9-10am in China, which is around 10-11pm my time, you will start to see the trickle of spam start. But, by the time morning rolls around 5-6 am Eastern (mid-day in China), it is a full-fledged deluge.