questionsdo you think the debate was a debacle, as some…


After watching that I wonder if the incumbent wants another four years, or if he has had enough and just wants out.


one candidate looked totally on his game and the other disinterested.
maybe he doesn't really want another term.


I thought it was pretty even, and believe the "Romney won!" calls are a product of expectations. Obama is renowned for his eloquent, energetic, inspiring speeches, and he brought none of these traits with him last night. Romney's campaign has been a total mess, but he came out confident and energetic. Stylistically, then, sure, Romney won.

Who really won? Hard to know, given that both were spewing directly contradictory facts. Fact-checking websites note that both were perhaps equally misleading.

Personally, I lost all interest in listening to the media talk about "who won" after the Palin-Biden debate. Biden dominated but, because Palin merely survived, she was declared the winner.


One guy was smirking and the other looked like he wasn't paying attention.


I think Romney was well coached and Obama laid an egg. I was very upset with Obama's effort.
We'll see what happens on the 16th....


Obama is a thug. He deals with situations with large amounts of hubris. This is what turned me off to him in the first place. I'm not surprised at his performance at all. We're just seeing who he really is, when his lack of ability is being challenged as opposed to brown-nosed :)
That was my little political rant for the year