questionschallenge: memory foam mattress frame


Those mattresses (if they are just like most memory foam mattresses) don't need a box spring like traditional mattresses do. That's the big reason you don't see them sold in sets very often. You can take your old box spring and lay some plywood or particle board over it. You can lay the mattress on the floor. Basically anything that will provide a smooth, flat, hard surface for the mattress to rest on.


Hey DJ !! The other guy is right, partly. What you need is called a
"FOUNDATION" !!! Just using an old box spring or doctoring it up with extras will defeat what the true qualities of the new bed are supposed to produce. I have worked in Mattress sales for quite a bit of time, and I always like to preface it tom my customers is " Low cost is Great--Comfort is priceless considering we spend the predominance of time in our cars AND beds. Hope this helps---------Alex


Anyone know of any deals on these foundations? I see this on amazon:
Can anyone beat that?


@carguy027: I didn't say that you could "just use an old box spring." Also, laying plywood on top of a box spring isn't "doctoring it up with extras." The only purpose of any foundation for a memory foam mattress is to raise the bed. They provide no other function than to do that with strength and firmness.