questionsseen the latest in zombie survival vehicles?


That's a pretty terrible design. Plows are supposed to push things to the side, but this one was ruined by adding the zombie-catching spikes. I'd have to grind those off to make it apocolypse-ready. Also the wheel-mounted rotating spikes are a terrible idea. At best they'll break off at first contact and at worst lead to a broken steering link, turning the anti-zombie vehicle into an immobile coffin.

p.s. Yes, I realize it's just a cheap marketing stunt to sell Hyundais to impressionable comic book readers. That doesn't mean it can't be practical!


Oh, now this is just too funny! I definitely needed the laugh, thanks!

I agree with @samstag: I think this is completely impractical, and would end up leaving you worse off than if you had a regular car.

Congrats to Hyundai for trying though :)


It could already be improved.....not bad though. Kudos to Hyundai for their marketing.


meh, not very practical. Those spikes on the plow would get stuck in the first house/car/whatever you bumped into..