questionscan someone recommend a lockable container that…


Why does it need to be lockable? I don't get that part.

You can get two doubles like so.


@zuiquan: She was informed that locking the guns up would be better because she is transporting them across state lines.

btw - the link doesn't seem to be working


@zuiquan: Link doesn't work.

Also, lockable to probably comply with certain state transportation laws. Some state laws require firearms to be in a locked container/in the trunk of the vehicle.


Maybe now? Nope, that didn't work either. Anyway, go to Cabela's and search for Plano Protector Double Gun case. FWIW, I've never transported any gun in a locked case in my life and I've driven from California through Michigan and down to Alabama. Of course, they were in the trunk but not in a locked hard case.

I think the best you're going to do is a double case. I'm sure someone out there makes a four gun case but I'd hate to think what it'd cost.


Unloaded, in a case and locked in a truck appears to be sufficient.

The cases @zuiguan was referring to are lockable.


@kamikaze2007: Yep, that's why I was wondering why the "locked" stipulation. Of course, it's possible that she doesn't have a trunk or something and so would then need an actual lockable hardcase.


If you are traveling through New Jersey or New York you should carry a copy of the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act, it's available with a google search.
Although it is Federal law, state jurisdictions can make your life miserable even showing them the federal peaceable transport law.


Have either of you checked Amazon or Google?