questionsdid you see wootbot's email about bocs and theā€¦


Yes, I saw that and I agree, it is nice to know when the woot-off will be, though unfortunately I will be in board meetings all Tuesday morning. But I am really sad about the FB situation. I am not on FB and I used to be able to see woot's FB site at work without having to be logged in to FB, but I no longer can see it, FB is requesting that I log in, and I really don't want to create a FB account. :(


Good. I have coupons burning a hole in my pocket.

Bring on the woot-off!


@lmensor: you should still be able to see woot's FB site without logging in. I just tried and i can see it with no problems.

per @agingdragqueen on DW chat, you can also follow this thread:


@carl669: I was on vacation last week and there were different things done to the network here while I was gone, I don't think it's a FB problem, I think it's a work problem. Before I left I could see it fine, but now I can't see any FB page, I tried going to other companies and they are not working either.

edit: Our IT guy likes beef jerky, maybe I can bribe him with some to get me access :)


yep, in sales meetings all day next Tuesday and Wednesday plus facebook is blocked here at woirk so looks like no Bowls of Cabbage (to help prevent scurvey) for me next week


You can keep your crap. I refuse to go hunting through every social media outlet for a remote chance at a BOC. Life's too short to waste on Facebook/Twitter.


@firebirdude: Ahhhhh....I feel the same. Don't understand why woot keeps trying to shove FB down our..... Ahem.

Another approach: Wouldn't it be more beneficial to woot to have everyone hang out ON woot's sites? So many people have stated their displeasure w/the FB/Twit(sic) approach. I don't follow their logic. But then, I don't have to, eh? ;-) As always - their sites; their choices, rules, etc.


@lmensor: you need to clear your cookies, or at least that helped for another person who was having the same issues.

But yeah, follow the link @carl669 gave, it's really not going to be as terrible as the pre-disappointment I'm hearing has led it to be.


Been on their FB page since about 9am when I saw they were doing crap there. Nothing yet. Wasting my time, again.


@agingdragqueen: Re: The FB thingie - you say on your thread that you need to Like woot's FB page. Are you excluded if you don'lt Like it? (My previous comments explain that statement.)


Seriously? I'm hanging on your Facebook page all morning for a BoC type of link to buy something, and then you tell me I need to email to be entered to win a PoC??

This is horrible. A real PoS idea, of you ask me.


@kmeltzer: jeez, you can unlike it if you need to.


@gmwhit: we can't force anyone to like our page to win something from us, the email was sorta an empty threat or a poorly worded suggestion on how best to follow our crapaways.


@agingdragqueen: Can I? Can I really???? Thanks for the tip and the unneeded sarcasm to a daily user and a customer. Very unhelpful.

How about you don't say there is going to be crap on there, but you actually don't do ANYTHING crap-wise for hours and hours. Then, you make people do YET ANOTHER thing (email) to be entered to get a PIECE of crap, not even a BAG of it.

Horrible idea.

You make people jump through hoops to get things, when you make those of us who are actually on the website get nothing. Add that to the increasingly boring forums, and increasingly expensive items.

The real social network of Woot are these forums, and those of us who are here, daily, making the website itself interesting. But, you reward people on Facebook and Twitter. Think about it.


@agingdragqueen: Thank you!! That means you'll take my twisted arm out of the hammerlock behind my back?

Kidding you, ADQ. I know you don't have control over this. SO appreciate the fact that you keep us informed. Much appreciated!!


@agingdragqueen: Will someone actually read the e-mails to


@gmwhit: I think I said something similar last time. We are ON woot sites, right now. Why the h-e-doublehockeysticks would you even want us to leave here and go to Twinterbook? So we can overload their servers instead? Would you rather we do the "social media" thing, or do you want us HERE, buying your stuff?

With the power of the entire AWS group at your disposal, I don't see why woot still crashes during WOBOCs.


Sounds fun. I don't use fb, but the boc game is a good idea.

Remember: Crap responsibly.


Though I am very disappointed in woot whoring themselves out on social media, this doesn't necessarily mean there won't be a normal BOC in the woot off itself, as well, right?
It would just be a surprise like the always used to be :)
I could just be hopelessly optimistic, though.


@xarous: there's a lot of emails, but I think I'll be going through them, yes. Most people are not writing anything so I think it won't be hard to spot the ones who did!


for the people complaining about woot using social media sites, let me explain why i think they do this.

woot is a business. the more customers they have, the more business they do. this is good.

facebook and other social media sites have more users than woot. let's use facebook as an example. a wooter sees a post about a POC or BOC or whatever. they click 'like'. a friend of that person, who doesn't know about woot, sees their friend has liked something and decides to check it out. that friend decides to buy from woot. woot gains a customer.

if woot were to limit their posts only to woot forums, that potential customer will never know woot even exists. just my 1/50th of a dollar.

tl;dr - using social media may gain customers for woot. just my 2 cents.


@agingdragqueen: Huzzah!

(I should have typed more in my e-mail.)


@lichme: In defense of @kmeltzer, most of what he said, I am in agreement with. (<---incorrect ending to a sentence. Bad gmwhit!! ) And have voiced the same concerns. I think his jab at adq was a bit harsh, and probably done out of frustration.

So...the cheese & whine goes to me, too. And many others.

Edit to add: Ughhh I just read @kmeltzer's comment to @lichme. I'll skip the cheese now. :-/


@gmwhit: Thank you. I don't think I've said anything anyone else hasn't said before, for the most part And, I don't think adq's comment was appropriate. It actually seems that employees take more liberty to be unprofessional, as of late.

And yes, it's frustration. They give BoC's to people who are on social networks and photo sites but not to those of us on their actual webiste. Then, the one time I see there is something on a social network, I'm there.. waiting.. reloading, for over 4 hours (with working interspersed) to then be told i need to email somewhere else. That is frustrating, and I think.. a terrible idea.


@sully51: I'm not a brown noser. Why don't you read what I actually wrote, you dolt.


@carl669: I think I understand your explanation. I also think that woot gains new customers through word of mouth. Not via the social arena. They have (had?) a large customer base of fervent fans. On woot.

When they decided to place the sacred, sought after bocs on social sites, they're saying to me - Hey, you were our 1st thought for boc rewards, now you're not. Join the social club to be highly regarded again. That's one of the reasons I feel disenfranchised.

Perhaps they gain 100's/1,000's of new customers. Are those customers going to be loyal ones? And return to woot? Maybe. Or not. Lots of customers who buy 1 or 2 things a that really what they want? Anyway, in doing this, I believe they're losing those who were on this site daily, buying, & participating in the community.

It's just painful for me to see this transition. From what I perceived as a friendly site w/GOOD deals to a site similar to any other on the web. IMO, bocs belong on woot. Period.


At the woot link posted above, @agingdragqueen's post re the rules says that the winner's name will be published - real name or woot username?


@neuropsychosocial: oh crud, real name. I'm so sorry, this is a legal thing- apparently any lotteries have to also result in the winner's name being published, in our case we'll be putting it on the forum post over there.


@gmwhit: popular opinion is that a large Facebook fanbase is a small reflection of your whole fanbase. Though I think Woot as a whole does not play by any popular marketing norms, it has been noticed that we have a relatively small presence on the social media juggernaut compared to our big brothers over here. It's something we're ramping up, but we're not going to stop doing things on our site, it's just been a good learning experience (legally and otherwise) to see how to best run these types of things. As our experience grows with our available budget and whatnot, I'm sure we'll have a wider opportunity for anyone who does want to participate.


@lichme: Mmm. Gouda.

And @kmeltzer... please, just simmer. You can join me in the rage cage everytime a BOC is posted on the regular site that I'll almost inevitably miss.


Why was my comment deleted?


@agingdragqueen: Thanks for the prompt reply and clarification!


@sully51: No idea, could have been trapped in a vortex of spam deletions. Why not just repost it and see what happens?


this just sounds all convoluted, so bocs can only be attainable by some lottery on facebook?

and woot has become the most unfriendly mobile site around. It's rare i'm personally not on a tablet or cell and it's near impossible to participate in community deals & voting on a mobile device.

boo woot boo. listen to your customers won't ya???


@neuropsychosocial: Yeah, it's a bummer, but to do cool things, we have to meet some legal standards, which includes publishing the winner's name for a given amount of time. (I'm not sure how long, off the top of my head.)

I just want to second that we're not forgetting the on-site community and have some fun stuff planned there too. We're also happen to take suggestions. User feedback is one of our most value points of data, yo.


@gmwhit: I am 100% on the same page as this comment of yours. I will also add that while I understand their craving for new customers, it seems like the longtime ones(who don't do social media) are being left out. It seems to be "adapt or don't". I honestly don't care deeply about the BOC, but you are right: it belongs here. It does look like there will be a shot at one for us non-twitbookers this time.


@jsimsace: Thank you kind sir. Oh, and I LOVE the new term you coined, "Twitbookers!" :-D
An aside: Absolutely NO offense intended for those who do indulge.


@gatzby: Thank you. Glad to hear that the 'old faithfuls' are not being completely forgotten. Just a word: You do know it's not just the bocs going elsewhere...many things are making me feel left out. Dare I bring up the FAQs again? Probably not a good time. Disregard that, please. (I do hope you don't forget it completely though.) /whine...else the plain clothed cop will send me cheese.


@gmwhit: That was supposed to say "twitbookers©".


@gmwhit and @gmwhit: I'm with you both. As I've said before, I don't do any of the social media, so any game or challenge that involves them leaves me out. I can deal with that, especially given the many changes here in the last few months; the trend to be, well, trendy is pretty tsunami-like and it's something in which I choose not to participate. During the last two I was very much aware that I was considerably less interested in the entire thing -- deals, BOCs, all of it. Perhaps I've outgrown it, or perhaps I've just wearied of the chase, which has moved to a playing field far away from me. Regardless. the prospect of a woot-off elicits little more than a tepid "Oh, that's nice," from me now.


@magic cave: :-/ You saw my split personality?? Gulp. JK I know you meant to mention someone else instead of me...twice. And, I agree w/you 100%. Sad, yes?


Seeing all the whining going on here makes me almost happy that the new site don't load worth a damn on dial-up. Almost.