questionsis the new star wars movie setting itself up for…


Star Wars is a victim of it's own success. The original trilogy was so ahead of it's time that it couldn't be topped in the 30 years that followed. I think if the prequels were made without the original trilogy existing, they would have been met with a better reception. Since they weren't as good, which is hard to top, people hated them because their very high expectations were not met. I don't think the new movie is being over-hyped yet. But it probably will be soon and honestly, I don't think it will live up to the standard everyone expects. But I do think it will be a good movie.


I've got high hopes with JJ Abrams driving the new movies. Sure, not all of them have been home runs, but I loved his work on the Mission Impossible and Star Trek franchise.

It does seem like the commerce machine is starting to heat up, like the Disney Store Star Wars Day stuff happening:


Of course it is and will be overhyped. That is the nature of the game these days w/ internet and social media ad nauseam.
But it still might be a good movie/trilogy.
Let's hope it's not a "Crystal Skull" disaster.

Personally, I think w/ using members of the original cast {good idea} this section of the franchise, should of been made after the original. The prequel last. Then there could of been more story inclusive w/ old cast .... will be missing Billy Dee Williams for example. Plus more versatility w/ ages { make up could age them all but younger is trickier at a certain point}
Oh well. Lucas didn't ask me............ and so it goes.

I'll wait til it's out of theaters and all the hype is out there and over to watch. Better chance of liking it.


Just remember people. It's = it is. Every. Single. Time.
[wedit: your correct]


I'm more or less expecting a similar route as Star Trek took.

As a fan of the Mid-Generation Star Treks (NtG, Voyager), I found it a bit out of place. Though I enjoyed it as it was when I broke away from my original Star Trek expectations. I expect that it grabbed a big modern crowd that the previous generation of Star Trek could not.

I'm expecting to feel the same way about this. It will be somewhat out of place compared with the original 3, but at the same time will stand well on its own.

If you want to save yourselves pain, don't go in expecting it to be the same. Times and the audience have changed. Make it like the original and you make the fans happy and get a near-flop. Make it modern and you piss off a few hardcore fans and make a movie that is well received.


imma just waiting for the star trek - aliens - predator - terminator - avengers - x-men - superman - batman crossover!

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The only thing certain at this point is that the films will "epically fail" all the way to the bank. The franchise swooned in the middle with the back-to-back relative duds of Jedi and Menace, but each of the six films has been box office gold. When the next one hits theatres, I'll plunk down my money just to see the special effects, if for no other reason... but until the next film, I do have a nagging concern that Lucas will cede too much control to Abrams. Anyone else worrying about a Sith Smoke Monster?


@mtw1057: Nope. I loved Lost. I like Abrams' work a lot better than Lucas' latest contributions.


"Is the new Star Wars Movie setting itself up for an epic fail?"
No, you are doing that by yourself.


You are setting your expectations up way too high! it's just a kids movie!


I'm cautiously optimistic. No movie they could ever make is going to absolutely please everyone, but just about everyone agrees Disney has done a good job with the big-budget Marvel movies. Winter Soldier was both crowd-pleasing and intelligent for example. I don't see any reason they'll do worse with Star Wars.


Lone Ranger, John Carter........... .......'nough said?

....both of which I enjoyed but were panned by critcs.