questionshas anyone used


Probably, since all you included was a link and a leading question instead of useful information relevant to your experience.


@kayak206: What are you talking about? You see the color of that triangle? @rookie3001 didn't join today just to try and scam us. It's a legitimate question, one that I tried (in vain) finding an answer to.


@rprebel: Thanks! :)

They sell things dirt cheap... but the site looks pretty sloppy in terms of design. Maybe they're just new, maybe they're a scam. Couldn't find anything online about them.


@rookie3001: I'd advise against doing any business with them. I note that the site has been around for a couple of weeks.

Created: 2011-12-13
Expires: 2012-12-13
Updated: 2011-12-13

In addition, they used old Shrdlu's least favorite registrar, Enom (home of spammers and worse). The IP address belongs in the Netherlands (.nl), and it has that special look that only a "home user" kind of IP address has (as in, it resolves to "").

I'm sure there's more, but that should be enough. Run away.


My 11 year old found that site looking for a cheap XBox 360 (they have the 4GB bundle listed for $100) - I had to then explain phishing and credit card fraud to him. I thought his eyes were going to roll completely out of view.


Just to put this to rest once and for all, I noticed that their Shopping Cart "affiliate",, was set up December 9th, 2011. . It is definitely a scam.

Google really needs to remove from their shop list. It's really annoying to keep seeing the lowball scam prices when I'm just trying to find a good deal.