questionsif you receive a duplicate shipment do you…


I always contact them back to let them know. Wouldn't feel right taking something that I didn't pay for. I do the same thing if I get too much change from a cashier too.


Even though this is a duplicate question, I'm going to answer it because I have a good story.

I ordered some products from a fitness company that sells protein drinks and stuff. If you order over $50 worth, they send you a free hand towel.

When I opened the box, I had 10 hand towels. I called the company to advise them of the mistake and they asked me to ship them back. No problem, provide me with a postage paid box and I will. They refused. They said that I could ship it back at my expense and then they would reimburse me. No deal.

Now that I told them of the mistake and my refusal to ship them back at my cost, they proceeded to tell me that they will charge me for the addition 9 items. That's when I told them they cannot do that and if they did, I will dispute the charge with my credit card company and I will win because they do not have a signature or any order to prove that I purchased them . . .


. . . He agreed with me and then called me names that I cannot repeat here because of the deals.woot "G" rating. However, one of those was "thief" and I was constantly told that I'm stealing those if I don't return them.

Next time this happens, I will not call the company. I tried to do the right thing and then it caused me more stress than you would imagine. These were hand towels probably worth $1 each. Imagine if it was 9 extra large screen TV's or something (I'd probably tell them about that one though).


@cengland0: I would never deal with that company again if that is how they treat their "honest" customers...

As for the question... ALWAYS tell them that they double shipped. It is just the right thing to do.


@politicsisevil: Good point, I suppose I should continue to tell other companies if that happens again. Why let one bad company spoil it for others.

So now the big question, how do you get the merchandise back to the retailer if they want it back? That's where my problem started.


@cengland0: Normally they will arrange for return shipping, or thank you for the call and advise you to keep it. But not making proper arrangements for return shipping is really terrible customer service. Sorry you had such a bad experience.


@durkzilla: Thanks for posting. I truly looked for a duplicate question but didn't come up with one. I think the question search needs to be improved, because I do look first and then sometimes someone will find a duplicate...


I would very rarely contact the company. But, I would also rarely contact them if they didn't send me something I ordered (there is certainly a dollar level involved here). You win some, you lose some...


i call them three times (and keep notes of each call). after that, it's mine.

it happened a few years ago when i ordered a monitor from dell. they kept promising me they'd send me a pre-paid return label. it never came. 2 months later, they try to charge me for the second monitor. i call my credit card company and dispute the charges. i then call dell and tell them. they again promise to send a label. never got the label. the charges were reversed and i never heard from dell again.


I'm with most here I am honest and will make a good effort but if you cant be bothered to make it free for me to return your error then I certainly can’t be bothered to help you fix your own mistake.

I will give mention to your name so you get customer service karma when I sell the 2nd item on ebay though ;-)


I contact the people I ordered it from. Because I'd for sure be contacting them if I never received my widget.

I don't mess with karma.


Happened for us this past Christmas. I ordered 2 books from a local publisher. Received 3. I called and the manager, she said, "Merry Christmas", and I said "Merry Christmas" back to her. She said, "No, Merry Christmas, take it as a gift, or give it to someone you know will appreciate the book."

That company just earned repeat business from me.


Legally, you have to obligation to pay for, return, or even notify senders of anything you didn't order, at least in the US, which may surprise some people:

Morally, it's more of a grey area, and when dealing with grey areas I'd say the path of less potential damage is the more correct. First, you have the chance of running into a company that will try to force you to return it at your cost, or charge your card for it, or harass you for months. Second, you risk getting some poor overworked and underpaid warehouse employee in serious trouble even if it wasn't necessarily their fault. If that's the "right" thing, I'm proud to say I'd do the "wrong" thing if it happened to me.


A few years ago, I ordered 2 rugs from a company I'll not name. They arrived separately, I put them on the floor and I was happy until I got an e-mail from the company that my order was "preparing to ship." ?? I called the company, and had one of the oddest conversations ever. I gave the lady the order number, and she said:
"The area rug. You got that right?"
"I got both rugs a few days ago."
"No, the runner rug hasn't shipped yet. It's in the warehouse waiting to ship."
"It's here on my floor. I'm looking at it now."
"But it hasn't shipped yet!"
"Then what is the thing on my floor that looks exactly like the runner rug I ordered?"
" {pause} So do you want the runner rug to ship, or do you want to cancel it?"
" Lady, it ALREADY SHIPPED. I have it. It's on my floor. Why is that so hard to understand?"
" So you want to cancel the shipment?"

After being passed off to 2 more people, I finally convinced someone to NOT ship another rug. I don't buy things from that company anymore.


@cengland0: I gladly return it if they pay up front for return shipping.
Ask me to pay for it and they'll reimburse me?
Hell no! Why trust them when they obviously can't even get their outgoing orders straight???


I ordered a HDMI cable from MWave a couple of months ago. I didn't receive it in the time they alloted for shipping. They sent another one at no charge. A week later, I received the shipment and had to sign for it. Two days after that, I received the original shipment (3 1/2 weeks from original ship date.) I emailed the company. They called me back and thanked me for letting them know, but said I could keep both cables for my trouble.


I'm with most of you - I contact the company and ask them what they would want to do.

Last year I ordered about $30 of stuff from a (very small) company I do frequent business with. When my order arrived, I was surprised to find 2 boxes. One with my stuff, another with nearly $150 worth of stuff I didn't order (but stuff I could definitely use). I looked at the shipping tag, and I realized why UPS had a problem when they scanned the 'delivery' - the company had accidentally printed 2 identical shipping labels.

I emailed the company and described what happened and the contents of the package. I offered to ship the package to whomever it actually belonged to, or back to them. They too said 'keep it'. Not only does he have my business for life, but every time I get a chance I tell people to go to his site.


Yes. Just last week I received 3 instead of 2 of an item I bought during the last I sent them an email and they told me to keep it.

Except for expensive items, it's not worth it to most companies to pay for and received the return. Between shipping and labor charges, it's easier and usually can be written off as a business loss to do nothing.


Honesty is the best policy... as well as the most boring answer.


This just happened to me with a tape I purchased from a solo artist (Not very famous). The first one shipped but I never received it so after about 2 to 3 weeks we figured it was safe to assume it was lost in the mail. He shipped out another with a confirmation date. He told me that if that one didn't come in a couple of days after the expected date he would ship using a different service. 3 days after the date and he decides he will ship a 3rd one to a different address.
Next day the second package came in (Came with another single of his on vinyl) and I notified him ASAP so that he wouldn't ship the third. I got to him in time so he never shipped it. A couple of days later the first one arrives at my house (Although I didn't know it was him as it wasn't labeled as him). I was expecting another package and I opened it to see the first tape. I emailed him right away. He told me it was fine and that I should keep it/give it to a friend. I offered to ship it back though.


Rip off places not people. Thats my moto. Large retail establishments like HD and Best Buy deserve to be ripped off occasionally, especially if it due to an employees incompetence.


I keep it forever and hope they never ask about it.